31 August 2009

Something to talk about!

Today was the first day of school, and man is this semester going to be insane! I'm currently signed up for 6 courses, though that does include a swimming course with minimal outside work. If I end up getting into the Sign Language class I want on Wednesday I might just drop the swimming course though, to make sure I have time to get everything done.

I think the thing I'm most excited about this semester is the journal I have to keep for Writing and the Young Writer. Since Professor Fanetti is totally down with electronic submission, I think I'm actually going to ask her if I can complete it in the form of a blog!

Now I know, I already have three blogs, one of which Mallory and I simply don't update, and one that I've let fall pretty far behind, but this is a little different. As soon as I figure out a decent name for it, I will have a link here, though I don't know if I will be making it entirely public yet. I don't know how she feels about comments, though I believe that she will actually like the idea of the open communication. The assignment is basically two journals each week on our thoughts about writing and teaching writing. With a prompt like that, I feel like I'm actually going to be able to start writing some blogs that I can be really proud of.

I started writing some ideas for my first one during my classes today, and I can't wait to get a chance to put it together tomorrow!

After a great idea like that, I ended up sitting in on a class that the awesome Liz is taking during what would have been a break for me. I ended up falling in love with the professor though, and now I'm hoping to add the class myself. That puts me at a grand total of 7 if I keep that swimming class and get the Sign class.

Yes, I know that I'm insane.

29 August 2009

And the tears did come.

I just need to take a minute to let everyone know how much I love this girl woman.

In the past few days she has said the exact things that are what the reassuring friend is supposed to say in frustrating situations, and in both cases she has been dead on correct.

Tonight I have felt like shit for no reason. I didn't want to cut the girls night out short if Gina and Blythe were having fun, but they saw that I really wasn't, so they suggested the route home.

It's like she's got some sort of sixth sense about when I need something to happen. She doesn't just tell me that she understands that it sucks and it will get better, she tells me that she's sure I'll find a roommate, or that she's sure something specific will happen. And then it does.

I feel like she's an amazing Charlotte/Carrie/and a little bit Miranda/Samantha to my Carrie/Charlotte/Samantha Miranda. That may not make as much sense as it could, but we aren't really just one of them.

I don't want this to make anyone feel like they don't mean the world to me as well, it's just that the tears I'd been holding back all night finally came through when a text came through and in my head I thought, "Gina was right again!"

27 August 2009

So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.

So much has happened lately that I'm tempted to just move on and only focus on the stuff that has occurred in the past 48 hours so that I can update decently. The things that have happened though are not exactly of a magnitude that I can simply let them pass by without comment. I suppose that only leaves me with my standard listing of events. If you would like more details, leave a comment and I shall provide the accompanying detail.

★ My friend Kasey's wallet was stolen out of my house while she and I were in the basement. I then confronted the asshat and got her stuff back.

★ I got my first hangover/slight blackout experience!

★ I quit one of my jobs!

★ I want to paint my place.

In the most current news, I'm meeting with a potential roommate again today for lunch. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully she and I will be on the same page this time, and she'll be moving in this weekend!

Before that I'm going to go on a bit of a walk. I walked about 5 miles last night before Sweet n Hot, which turned into not dancing much. I'd really like to get in better shape, so getting moving seems to be the best choice!

26 August 2009

Keep it positive, as you slap her to the floor!

When I get stressed I get really good at not posting. I think that comes from not wanting to be all negative on my blog, and not wanting to dwell on the negatives. If I push the negatives aside that I can't control, I allow room for the positives to come in, right?


Today is my only day completely off in a week that wasn't my birthday, and the only one I'll have until Labor Day I believe. Lots to get done, so I better start! With a little luck I will be writing another post in about half an hour when I've got my living room in much better order!

20 August 2009

Make it Work!

Happy Birthday to me!

Less than half an hour until it's officially my birthday, though I was actually born at 11:34PM, so that will really be the magic moment tomorrow night!

Lots of things to do tomorrow, and I'm starting tonight, so let's hope for a better post tomorrow!

Oh, and thank you Lifetime for the birthday gift of Project Runway starting tonight!

All She Wants To Do Is DANCE!

I had a very productive day today, though not in the way that I'd expected to!

I also had the second night in a row of simply amazing dancing. It's obviously way too late to get into it at 3:13AM, so let's just say that what started as a not so great, and super turbulent looking night, turned into nothing short of awesome.

Even the last little lingering bit of the negative (which I foolishly thought was a lost cause) was remedied by a late phone call that first had me panicked that something was wrong!

To go from feeling a little left out and let down to being reminded of the great new friends that I have is a feeling I can't put into words. I hope those who contributed to this feeling know that I'm feeling this way and that I am truly grateful to call them friends.

This movie makes me smile and is keeping me up way too late.

17 August 2009

More What You'd Call "Guidelines"

I've been a little frustrated lately. By lots of things.

One of them being that I'm remembering how I was in a better place when I was going to church regularly and I would like to start going again when I can. I don't think that church itself is exactly what I'm looking for right now, but it certainly has elements of what I would like to bring back into my life.

I think part of what I was originally looking for when I started going to church in March was some sort of guidelines or rules to live by and give me some order. I learned a lot while I was going, and incorporated some things into my life that I've really liked. There were also some big things that I realized were not for me, which contributed in a big way to my recent lack of attendance. In realizing that I might like to go back, I also realized that I don't have to solely go by the rules prescribed by a church.

They may have a lot to offer, and they may work for a lot of people but at the same time they may simply not be right for me. Instead, I can make up my own rules!

What an awesome idea! If I want direction and structure, but I don't feel that I get that adequately from an outside source, why not create my own? A Katherine Code, if you will, which is really more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. I know that I've done something like this before, and I haven't kept up with it, but I don't think that my drive and motivation were the same then, and I didn't really follow through with putting it into some physical form. This time I'm going to make sure that happens.

I may share more about what kinds of rules and guidelines I'll be creating, but for now I'm just going to let it all marinate and get on with a busy day!

16 August 2009


I literally laughed and probably looked crazy as I was walking to my car after work at the record store today. When I got off at 10:30 and had a half hour drive ahead of me, I realized that I work at 4:45 tomorrow morning, and I work until 11PM, with only a 3 hour break.

Should be an interesting day.

15 August 2009


I haven't been updating like I'd like to lately, and I know why.

I've kind of been holding back a little for fear of offending, or over sharing. That's over. This is my blog, and I'm going to say and do as I please. That does not mean that I'm going to use this as a space to attack the people in my life for things they do that I'm not so crazy about, but it does mean that I might mention those things and my honest opinion of them. Then again, I might not end up talking about any of that stuff. But the feeling that I can't talk about that stuff seems to be holding me back from writing other fun things, so I'm now freeing myself.

I have to be at work in an hour and a half, and I could really use a half hour nap. The fun writing will have to wait until tomorrow!

14 August 2009

A letter to the boy I can't actually write to.

Nights like tonight are probably the hardest. I've got a lot on my mind that I wish I could talk to you about. Granted, one of the biggest things on my mind right now is the simple fact that I can't talk to you, but none the less you are the first person I think of when I want to tell something to someone so it's frustrating that things feel like they're piling up.

Your messages to me give me just enough information that they're actually really vague to someone who isn't completely sure how your mind works. Guess who falls into that classification.

You've made it clear that you don't want to talk right now. What confuses me there is whether or not you intend to be in contact with me in the future. I like you. I see that we have different styles of letting each other know that we're interested. That is a bit difficult to handle sometimes, but I'm down to figure out just how we handle it and I hope that you are too.

I hope you're still planning on taking me out for my birthday. Dressing up for you would be fun!

In other news...

11 August 2009

Money money money mon-ey, MONEY!

After several weeks of not quite enough hours at work and being unsure of making rent, I recently found myself another part time position. I was told at my new position that I would be getting a max of three days a week, at about six and a half hours each. Combined with the regular twenty that I've been getting at the first job, this is absolutely ideal for the last few weeks before school starts.

Cue irony.

Since I'm actually a rehire at the second job, and they have the time for someone who is already 95% trained, they've scheduled me for 32.5 hours in the next week (Wednesday-Tuesday). With the new job being awesome and getting the schedule done weeks in advance, I make the old one work around it, even if that means taking a cut in hours at the old job to make it work. I got there at 4:45AM today to find out that I'm actually scheduled for 28 hours (again Wednesday-Tuesday).

Anyone want to do that pretty simple math for a second?

A week and a half ago I would have been totally happy with 28 hours, and now I'm scheduled for more than 60! I'm sure it will actually be less than that with the way that the old job sends people home to cut hours, but I will be working much more than normal, which will mean a much bigger paycheck than normal!

With a little luck, I will have 1/3 of my credit card debt paid off before school starts again!

10 August 2009

I'm back.

Wow, four days out of town feels like a really long time when I was blogging every day.

I need to be at work in less than 6 hours, so this is a non-post, but I'm still alive!

05 August 2009

I've totally found THE ONE.

Anyone out there who happens to come across this also have any sort of connection to Josh Groban? I have recently fallen for him yet again. I mean, if you know me and just how cheesy I am in conjunction with my love of TV, watch the following video and try to honestly tell me that he and I are not meant to be.

Also, could he match those voices better? Seriously, let's make this happen people. I really love the running during the Baywatch part, and the "Oh God," before the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

As if that wasn't enough, go look at his description for one of his vlogs. It's like 10 minutes long, so don't worry about actually watching it if you don't want to, but the description!

I'm sure that he gets a lot of attention from the ladies, but I also think that I'm probably one of the younger ones, maybe this could actually happen! Anyone care to help me devise a plot?

04 August 2009

No Babies, No Cancer Day!

I had a Lady appointment today! It was with a male doctor, which I've never done before. I didn't have any hesitation, I mean he's a doctor, and it's more important to be healthy than to be completely comfortable for the few minutes of the appointment. I had almost hoped for something outrageous, or at least outrageously awkward or embarrassing, to share from the experience.

Nothing of the sort happened.

It was actually probably the least awkward pap I've ever had. Dr. Ruggles (seriously, that's the funniest thing about it all) explained everything, and ordered my birth control from the pharmacy right at the beginning so I had less time to wait for it after the appointment. The only thing that he didn't explain was why he brought the nurse in for the actual examination. I actually happen to know that they bring in a female nurse just to make sure nothing funny goes down with a male doctor and a female patient. For someone who isn't aware of things like that, it might seem a little weird to bring in another person for such an exam. Just a quick mention would be kind of nice.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a crazy day, and it will be starting at 4:45, so it seems that almost 11 PM is time for bed!

03 August 2009

I caved.

I really didn't want to, but I'm headed out to Clear Lake this weekend and I need something that (be nice, Katherine) will keep my interest, but isn't really something I have to think about. I mean, tanning is not supposed to require thinking, right?

I asked Laura if I could borrow the first of the Twilight series. I saw the movie. I was not impressed. I've spoken with some who love the books and still didn't like the movie, so I'm not really worried. I really just don't want to get hooked on this series and have to read them all though. I ended up snagging my hair dresser's copy tonight when I went over there to water her plants while she's out of town. I don't think I'll take this one out of town though, just in case something were to happen, I would be more comfortable telling Laura that I had to buy her another copy than the woman I trust to get my color and cut just right.

So, let it be known, Gina, Laura, Valerie (though I don't think you're even aware that I have a blog, maybe you don't even read blogs!) and anyone else whom I've told I really didn't want to get into them. It is starting tomorrow while I'm required to be at my lady appointment 15 minutes early (oh what I do for free healthcare). Unless of course I start tonight after my shower!

Looking like my brother

For the past few years I've been very good about keeping my eyebrows decently kept up. I resisted for a long time because my natural shape is pretty awesome and as many of you already know, I'm damn lazy. Once I really saw the difference though, there was no real turning back. I mean, it's not like a few plucks once a week or so are in any way imposing on my oh-so-busy life!

I can't actually remember the last time that I plucked my brows though. I'm sure it was in the car, because the natural light there is just way better than anywhere else. I'm pretty sure I never took the tweezers out of the car, but I also haven't seen them in at least a week.

It's getting bad. Bad enough that I'm looking more like my brother whose eyebrows remind me of caterpillars. Bad enough that I wanted to take a picture for you. I don't actually have any make up on or my hair done right now though, so the picture is not happening right now. Unless I find them this afternoon though, I'm pretty sure that there will be another time for a picture after work today.

I know you're on the edge of your seat.

02 August 2009

"If it wasn't scary, I'd want a stalker."

"Um, that's called a boyfriend."
"I guess I want one of those too."

Anyone want to guess with whom I was talking?

01 August 2009

This should be a great weekend!

Considering how this week went, I thought that I was going to be flying high this weekend and riding out this awesome wave.

Turns out, not so much. I'm not going to keep myself down by focusing on what's currently pulling me down, instead I'm going to focus on some things that are happening in the relatively near future that I may or may not be looking forward to.

I just got a second job, which means that I will have some spending money soon. With that money I am hoping to get a new desk that will be much more functional for me this school year. I've got an idea of what I'd like from the wonderful Ikea, but but I'm not going to make any real decisions until I can hand over the cash to bring it all home.

I will really be working a lot in the next few weeks, but that doesn't mean that I won't be taking next weekend off to go to Clear Lake with my family to relax and really get a good tan!

Damn, I wanted to really have things to say and write a good entry, but making food before work is preventing that!