27 November 2008

Etsy for Black Friday!

I've been meaning to do this one for a while, now I have my very own mug and candle from this seller to enjoy some apple cider with a nice flame flicker while I type this!

berdandbee is an awesome store on Etsy with vintage and new items. The mugs and ceramics are hand painted, and simply awesome. This shop is offering 20% off this weekend, so if you like something, snag it now!

GetReadySetGO makes me want to travel, you? I love the added details to what already started as awesome items. I don't know if they are doing any sales for this crazy weekend, but they definitely do personalized stuff, so check it out!

purposedesign is a really awesome store on Etsy with several different types of spice rack type things that I can't wait until I can have one without roommates wanting to use them! (hint hint, housewarming for when I get my own place!)

25 November 2008


So, I'm working on making some goal lists, and rather than just thinking about it, I'm starting tonight!

1. Go to sleep.
2. Get iPhone.
3. Travel everywhere!

There is a wide timeline on this list. The first should be done in a few minutes, the second just a couple months, and the third, well, I hope to start as soon as I can!

23 November 2008

Gimme Gimme

21 November 2008

Busy busy

Working way more than I'd thought is really putting a hamper on my blogging!

Lots of things have been going on though.

I went to see Twilight last night at midnight. It was fine, but I finally understand how people are not always amazed by the Harry Potter series. I feel like a lot of the magic of the movie was left up to the assumption that viewers have read the book. Maybe it was mostly the midnight showing and all the laughter at every little detail making me feel like I was outside of the biggest inside joke on the planet, or maybe I'm right and it really wasn't all too spectacular. I am willing to see it again to confirm, but probably not until the spring until it comes out on DVD.

I have lots of new ideas for my Etsy shop. A few things that I've already got made and need pictures of, and then more that I have ideas for, but haven't actually put together yet. Hopefully I will be a lot more organized in the coming weeks and see about eventually getting some of that stuff up.

I was on the front page the other day! Yay! The day before my treasury was picked for the front page. It was fun. Hopefully this will continue!

I've got an opinion to ask about hair cuts, but it's getting late and I don't want to track down pictures, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow for that post!

16 November 2008


mike and me
Originally uploaded by purekatherine
So, I'm a little bit drunk. And I'm blogging. I thought that you guys might like to know that.

I have to be at work for DennisAnderson in less than 10 hours, to it's a good thing that I have Laura, who will let me sleep on her couch tonight so I don't have to go home drunk tonight.

I feel like I have a lot to blog about, but I can't even remember that stuff when I'm sober, so what do you really expect of me right now?

Just for the record, since I believe that Dennis will get this through a Google notifier or something, I am determined to remember all of this tomorrow. (That's more of an inside joke than me really being a black out drunk. Promise.)

11 November 2008

Let a Moment Change Your Life.

I love the lyrics of the chorus, I want to keep them in mind in my daily life.

The thing is, I can't tell if he's saying

"Let a moment change your life." or "Let a moment change your mind."

Doesn't change that I want to incorporate it to my life.

Continuing the Fight

No, not the one that I've gone on and on about through posting the words of others (though I am still fighting that fight).

I had to go to the bank today, only to remember after I'd biked the 11 blocks that it is closed for Veterans' Day.

On my way there though, I smiled and said, "Hello" to everyone who made eye contact. I did the same on the way back. A couple people looked a little surprised, which I think is great thing. I don't think that we say, "Hello," to strangers enough. Think of how pleasant it would be if we all went around smiling and just saying, "Hello," or even, "Good Afternoon." I know that I would enjoy a lot more days.

So try it, see how many smiles you can get!

10 November 2008

Not really an entry

I don't want to say anything too soon, but I think that I'm starting to get my financial woes figured out.

Hopefully some social things will be worked out soon as well.

I need to go to bed, so hopefully I'll do a better update tomorrow.

08 November 2008

School and such

I think I need to stop promising that I'm going to post on my breaks at school. I never end up doing it. There's always something like picking out classes to be done then.

I don't actually get to sign up for classes until the 5th of December, but I'd like to have a few potential schedules ready for things like possibly getting a part time job, or some classes being full. I'd also really like to take another class or two with some of the girls that I have in my classes this semester, so I'll have to see how that works out.

I thought that I was going to drop my incredibly boring, impossible to figure out Philosophy of Science course (I know, the name makes it sound either full of potential or totally unbelievably horrible, it's the latter) until a friend in the class looked through the grading scale and helped me to realized that I can put almost no work into the rest of the course and still pass with a C-. So instead I'll put a little bit of work into it and hopefully pass with a B+!

I went to two civil rights events this week and may be going to two more by the end of the weekend. I don't want this blog to become all about those, and I'm often too tired to process what's gone on when I get home, so maybe you'll get an update, and maybe you won't.

06 November 2008

Exactly what I am feeling about yesterday's results.

If you're new here, I live in California. The female part of the song is definitely how I feel about the Presidential race.

I would like a Nemesis.

So much good and so much bad all on the same day!

I have pictures from the candlelight vigil that I went to tonight, but I don't have them uploaded yet, so you'll have to wait until I get home tomorrow to see them!

I'm bringing my laptop to school tomorrow, so I'll definitely be blogging in my 3 hour break!

Until then, I'm going to be silly.

04 November 2008


I got to ride my bike and warn two people to take off a sticker or close their jacket because there is no campaigning allowed within 100 feet of a polling place!

I hope the rest of the day goes this well!

03 November 2008

More than I expected

I went to see She & Him in San Francisco tonight. It was a lot of fun, and though I was very determined to not buy any merch when one of the venue's employees was kind of rude, I did buy a copy of their album on vinyl anyway. I know this means that the venue will now get a cut, but there was a digital download and I wasn't thinking ahead to being able to download the digital copy if I were to order it online right when I got home.

If you've ever heard of M. Ward or Zooey Deschanel I would very much encourage you to click on the link above, as there is a media player on the site and you can hear a bit of what they do!

In other news, I was just outside at 2:45 am because I heard a mysteriously ominous sound that I could only identify as having a car involved and being pretty dramatic.

It turns out that there was a car attempting to make a U-turn, and didn't quite miss the last car parked along the side of the road.

Both people in the car appeared to be drunk since the passenger didn't seem to think that the driver should be getting behind the wheel again, nor did the driver believe that the passenger would be able to drive. But when my neighbor went out to make sure that they were ok (I could see from my window that they were) they both got into the car after assuring him that they were ok and they drove off.

A couple of other neighbors from across the street were outside by the time that I got down stairs, but I was able to confirm that they did hit the car because I saw them checking out the bumper pretty closely and determining that there wasn't anything that they could see.

Back when I was up in the front window I got to see the two of them freaking out over their own front bumper though. It was a brand new car too! No license plates yet, and the passenger was yelling about it being a $70,000 car.

Hope they got home ok!

02 November 2008


So this isn't a real blog, please forgive me.

Lots of things have gone on in the past few days and it's way later than I should be up.

I'm loving the downpour that we've been having lately, and I can't wait to wake up in the morning and hopefully be able to blog in what will be then our rain room. (It's usually a sunroom, but it's way better when it's a rain room!)

I make no real promises about this timeline though, I do have plans to go see She and Him in San Francisco tomorrow, so my day might get a little wrapped up in that.