10 June 2008

Quite a happy suprise

I checked my account balance online this morning at work, and I noticed something odd. I had the paycheck that I expected in there from the hours that I worked last week, but there were two other deposits made from my employer. One that is the same as I would get for a full 40 hour week, and one more for just under $100.

As exciting as that was, I didn't really want it to come back and bite me in the ass. So I called my Accountemps rep to ask about it. He didn't know what was up, so he gave me the payroll number to find out.

Turns out, I have been working with the company for 1500 hours, so I was eligible for holiday pay, which is what the smallest check was for, and I got a Length of Service bonus that was equal to one week in pay!

So now I have payments pending for 2 of my 3 credit cards that will bring the balance to $0, and the payments that I would have sent to them next week will go to the last, and I will be completely out of debt two weeks from now!

03 June 2008

And now I'm back again

I haven't been to great about updating my blogspot lately. For a while it was all about my Etsy shop, which you should see if you haven't yet 'cause even though I'm not updating there as much as I used to I'm still very proud of the pieces I have there. In looking for something new to occupy my thoughts and time, I've decided to start trying to update here again.

I'm trying to also be more positive about little things that I'm proud of accomplishing, so I think that's what I'll try to fill this space with. I don't know a better way to start than to jump right in, so here goes!

A week and a half ago I started on my second real heartbreak of my life.

While that's not really something that I'm entirely proud of, I am proud of the fact that I have loved, relatively generously in my life. I'm also proud that because this is an unusual breakup situation, I'm much further along in the process of getting over it than I would normally expect. I'm figuring out that the reason that I wasn't given any sort of reason for the split either time really has more to do with them than it does me. I was as open and honest as I could be, which is exactly how I am, the fact that they couldn't let me know either what more they wanted, or whatever else was wrong is no fault of my own.

This weekend I met a guy that I really enjoyed talking to, and when he asked I didn't hesitate to give him my number.

I've never truly been attracted to anyone in a bar. Mostly because for the entire time I've been going to bars I've either gone with a group of guys, or had one on my mind while I was there. This time I found one I liked, there were really casual reasons that allowed me to talk to him. We ended up talking for quite a while, and then he asked for my number. It's been a few days and he hasn't called, so I'm starting to think that he won't, but that's alright. He doesn't know enough about me to really be so put off, so whatever his reason is for not calling probably has nothing to do with me. The point is, I let my guard down and met someone.

I'm going back to school in the fall!

Ok, this one is a little more exciting than the others, because I've decided that I'm not going to work while I'm in school. I'm currently at a job that I don't like and is not at all the start of a career for me, but I don't want to bother looking for something else when school is only a couple of months away! For now I need to start seriously applying to some scholarships, and looking into what kind of student loans are available, and just how much time I want to spend on school. I should probably make an appointment with an academic advisor to make sure that I understand just which courses I need to take too.