05 April 2009


Lots of things happening over here, yet nothing that feels so much like I'm actually doing anything and making progress. Not getting that feeling of accomplishment is rather frustrating to me, so I decided to make a sort of checklist of things that I can do daily to see the check marks and the progress that I'm making.

Here's a sampling or what I've got...


☐ 20 Minutes of Physical Activity.
☑ Prepare Lunch for Tomorrow.
☐ Get to bed before Midnight.
☑ Drink Half a Jug of Water.
☑ Eat Breakfast.
☑ 15 minutes Cleaning.
☑ Water Plants.
☐ Write a Blog.
☑ Brush Teeth AM.
☑ Do Homework.
☑ Put lotion on.
☐ Brush Teeth PM.

Other than the 20 minutes of Physical Activity, I will be able to check each of those off tonight! Not too bad for my first day, huh? There are a few things that I took off of this list because they are for me, but I have those checked off as well. I have to admit, I'm impressed.

Anything you think I need to add?


The World's Dresser said...

Dude, I'm with you on that. I live and die my the checklists I write in the morning. Seriously, its the only way I get things done anymore lol.