31 December 2008

Flat Irons are Amazing.

I've taken to curling my hair on a relatively regular basis lately, and after a compliment from a particularly reliable source, I decided to stop borrowing my roommate's flat iron and invest the whole $14 in one for myself! I can now have my wonderfully ironic curls any time that I'd like!

After all, if one needs irony in their life, it should definitely be introduced by way of their hair, right?

30 December 2008

I'm like, eerily conscious of something amazing that's taking place, and not wanting to over think it.

It's been way too long since I've been posting regularly, and this time I know why! Lots of things have been going on, and being a little unsure of just who reads this I've been hesitant to write about things that I can't get out of my head. I've just now decided though that I am going to start writing again anyway. Once I get this window open and have some music going it's usually easier to think of some less-loaded topics to bring up.

Like now, I just was thinking of what I could write about now, and I have about 12 ideas, and can't come close to deciding! Maybe I'll try to write a couple more entries to post later when I'm done with this one, that would be pretty dang productive of me, don't know if I could handle that.

It's the time of the year for self-reflection and new leaves and all that good stuff, and I'm definitely joining in on that front. I've made a decision or two that I won't be sharing here, as well as a few that I hope will be reflected in my postings here. I can't wait to have space to create new things and maybe even think things through a bit more when I find my own place, so you may get to see lots of little creative things that I'll be doing to be able to create that kind of space when I move into what will inevitably be a too small space to do all the things I'd like to.

Time to be doing these things may be a little difficult to come by, as I am currently on the hunt for a part time job, and I already have a crazy schedule with my classes alone...

27 December 2008

I just used the word anomaly. Better yet, it was in my Facebook status.

I'm impressed.

22 December 2008

To keep from screaming

I'm currently sitting in the dark. My power is out because my roommates are complete idiots. We have an issue with fuses in our house, mainly being that most of our house is all on the same one. Rather than being smart about it though, they leave just about everything not only plugged in, but on. So when I'm trying to blow dry my hair, I can't do that because they are playing a video game, with a space heater going and every light on, whether their in the house or not.

16 December 2008

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've updated. Finals have made be really busy. They aren't actually terribly complicated so much as a lot of stuff all happening at the same time.

I've been talking a little too late online lately, but no real complaints about that. I'll just have to catch up on sleep a bit in the next few days since I have them off!

01 December 2008

Another list!

This one is more because I'm losing track of the things I have to do, so if I post it publicly then I have somewhere to go back to!

For today...
1. Pay Endodontist. done.
2. Pay parking tickets.done.
3. Go to bank.done.
4. Go to bead store.done.
5. Go to post office.postponed until tomorrow.
6. Go to work.done.

A little more general...
1. Finish paper due Thursday.
2. Pay ridiculous ticket.
3. Read through Shakespeare script.
4. Get more sleep.