28 June 2009


Someone please tell me how I can spend 23 hours awake, and yet not have time to post a blog.

Oh, right, awesome times with good friends.

I have to do homework tonight, but I'm not really feeling it, so I may post something relevant again in a couple hours.

27 June 2009

Coolest girl EVAH!

Need I say more?

25 June 2009

Oh work...

So here was the original plan for this evening...

Work until 9:40-ish.
Get home, relax and catch up with friends.
(This was after the MJ get together got squashed.)
Write a blog about how awesome the past couple nights have been and the awesome friend who accompanied me on some grand adventures.

Here's how this evening actually went...

While at work get begged (not really, but it adds a dramatic flair) to switch for opening shift.
Figure out that opening would mean more cash and time to tan, so I accepted.
Work until 9:40-ish.
Get home, relax and catch up with friends and slightly catch up with friends.
Write a blog about how awesome the past couple nights have been and the awesome friend who accompanied me on some grand adventures not having time to write a blog.

The plan for tomorrow...

Work way too early, and a little too long. (4:45AM-1:00PM)
Tan/Read in park with friend(s?).
Make some extravagant plans.
Blog about the awesome week I'm having.
Dance the night away!

It will happen, you will be jealous of this week.

24 June 2009

I had something great.

I really had something great to post with. It would have made you at least giggle with pleasure, possibly flat out laugh. Promise.

However, I now cannot remember what I thought of a mere 8 minutes ago. If I somehow get it back while sleeping I will probably decide it's not that humorous and not post it anyway.

Hope you're sleeping well!

23 June 2009

Hydrocortisone, how I love thee.

Thank you so much to Mallory who recommended the anti-itch cream the last time I was having this issue.

I am a fan of being popular, but I think that the mosquito currently residing in my room needs to take note of my earlier entry.

As soon as this thing is dead, I'm back to bed.

21 June 2009

Living up to one's name

I slept so well last night. I got a little less than 8 hours, but I woke up feeling way more refreshed than I have in a long time, and had my eyes fully open before my alarm went off!

As I laid down last night I noticed just how comfortable my comforter actually is. I was truly thankful in the moment to be able to enjoy being wrapped up in my bed linens for possibly the last night in a while. Just a sheet when the temperature rises is simply not the same. Somehow, the weight of my comforter is just right. It lets me know that it's there and I don't need to toss and turn, but it's not overbearing and I can throw it off without much effort at all if I'd like.

This comforter has been there when I've been sick or upset to surround me and make me feel safe. It's also easy to just fling onto only half of my bed when I need a little more room to breathe. I know it's still there, being bright and colorful and ready to help in any way that it can.

This comforter has more than lived up to it's name, which is kind of awesome since there are things like driveways and apartments that don't actually do that so much.

If you don't already know, my name means "pure" which I have taken to mean undiluted. I'm currently working on getting better at living up to my name. While I love to be influenced by others and take on new things, I want to always be me. Now I just have to figure out who the heck that is!

18 June 2009

Sad Katherine.

I hate living up to this kind of stuff.

17 June 2009

I would like a snack.

I'm still really liking all this dance stuff. Can't wait to really learn more and feel comfortable with most leads. Some shoes that I've had for a while are now suddenly giving me a blister, so I was a little off tonight, but I still had fun. Plus, my security blanket was at home getting some much needed rest. But I still went for it!

I need to figure out a way to get my brother to one of the dance parties at Joanne's. If he really got to get into a couple songs he would be totally addicted, and then I would have someone else to dance with! Seriously, the brother and I would be an awesome dance couple. It's not something that I can just describe though, I need to get him out there so we can show people!

Did I mention that I made some awesome Cake Cones on Saturday? I will be making more soon. Maybe even making them prettier!

16 June 2009

Wasted Day

I had a very interesting dream last night. One that I quite enjoyed. Given who it involved however, I can't say that I should be enjoying it. I really did though, and I hate to admit that were the very realistic events to occur for whatever reason in the near future, I would probably (rather unwisely) allow them to.

I've got a lot to say, but this doesn't seem to be the right venue for it right now because I've been sitting with this window open for about 10 minutes without adding anything else. I guess I've had kind of a weird day, and I'm just feeling that now more than before.

I guess I'll forget about having two consecutive interesting entries and just post this one.

Living Life!

I know that I'm going to get some scoffs at this, but sometimes, Grey's Anatomy is totally spot on.

In one of the later episodes of this season there was a comment made to the effect of the realization that as much as we seem to always be preparing for the next stage in life (i.e. after this semester, after next semester, after graduation, after credential - the life of an English major doesn't have things like residency that take years) our life is happening all around us. If we don't pay attention while it's happening, we're going to miss something.

I've been thinking about that notion a lot lately as I've really become emerged in the world of swing dancing as well as the social scene that accompanies the awesome workout. Though one of the social circles I've become very much aware that life is happening and I'm rather proud of the fact that I'm now embracing it and enjoying it to no end.

There's been a bit of drama with a boy who seems to be enamored with me and my wonderful new guy friends doing all they can to cock block (though it's more just buffering for my benefit), and some interesting instances that have come out of that. I feel bad for the guy, 'cause I'm simply not interested. If he would chill a bit I'm sure that he could find a girl who would be a much better fit for what he's looking for without much resistance.

I've also met some really amazing new friends. The kind of friends who notice that my pants are too big and decide that we need to go shopping for new jeans, or have work in a couple hours, but will spend one of those hours not reading with me at the park. (We should really do that as much as possible this summer, I definitely got a little sun yesterday.)

This life enjoyment is what's hindering blogging lately. If I wasn't so happy with my lack of sleep and intense sign language studies, I might be sorry!

All pictures of the 1:30AM dancing in front of Rick's Dessert Diner that is definitely my favorite dance moment yet!

12 June 2009

Bad Blogger

As busy as I am lately, I'm determined to blog regularly this summer. I don't think that I'll have something every day, but 3-4 times a week, with one of them actually having some sort of substance would be nice.

Maybe once I get used to this non-stop summer I seem to have gotten myself into.

I really like the way that my friend Gina blogs, it's usually after her posts that I'm kicking myself the most for not being a better blogger. I hope she doesn't mind me linking to her, she really cracks me up, so why not share?

I have my second night of the beginning swing series class I'm in at Midtown Stomp Friday and I'm stoked. I can't wait until I'm not being silly and doing stuff like looking at my feet when I'm dancing!

PS. Why do I look so blonde in pictures?

11 June 2009

It's been too long.

Things I did last weekend.


☆ Had an amazing non-date date with Staple.
☆ Saw Star Trek and fell for both Spock and Kirk.
☆ Identified Winona Ryder in about two milliseconds, even though Staple doubted me.
☆ Took Staple to experience the awesome that is Squeeze Inn.
☆ Had the most amazing burger I've eaten, at least this year.
☆ Got super cute before going to Midtown Stomp for The Jive Aces.
☆ Took the first in the series classes I signed up for, and feel a lot more confident about where my dancing is headed.
☆ Danced the night away, and had LOTS of fun!
☆ Got to flirt with the drummer from the Jive Aces for a little while a Lyon's, while just generally having a good time with good friends.
☆ Went to hang out with a friend, and three new friends, and got home after 5AM.

☆ Had nothing to do, so slept all day. We're talking 5PM, people.
☆ Made some casual plans to go to ice cream with a friend.
☆ Got invited to a movie with friends.
☆ Changed ice cream plans, included everyone in the movie plans.
☆ Movie got out later than expected, went to dive bar with friends.
☆ Was totally flattered by friends and their friends, tried not to let it go to my head.
☆ Got home around 3.
☆ Stayed up way too late talking to someone I shouldn't be.

☆ Worked 10-6, which means no church.
☆ Came home to sleep before my first day of Sign Language in summer school.

10 June 2009


I should have time to really update tomorrow.

I rear ended someone today.

I'm fine, as is he.

I have lots to say about this weekend, so hopefully I'll have a list tomorrow!

I promise I'll be better about blogging once I get that done!

07 June 2009

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger lately.

I guess that's what happens when I actually do things.

05 June 2009

What is sleep?

I'm definitely up way too late. Can you blame me though, I was only 27 pages from the end of Wicked when it was really time for me to go to bed. And of course once I finish it again I can't just go to bed, I have to check to see if anything has happened online in the couple of hours that I decided to read!

Luckily for me, two of my favorite bloggers lived up to those titles, and I am now going to bed rather amused and looking forward to adventures tomorrow!

04 June 2009

I want a re-count!

One of them I second guessed myself, and originally had the right answer, and another had information updated in 2002, I was out of high school by then. I guess I don't keep up enough, but then again, neither does the show Glee if that's the case...

Could you pass 6th grade sex ed?

Created by Sex Toys.org

Midwest Magic!

Tonight, I was feeling magic in the air. There were thunderstorms in the forecast and everything smelled amazing. So much so that I actually wandered outside to just be for a little while. I wanted to walk around Old Sac and just take everything in during that awesome pre-storm energy, but night had already fallen and I didn't want to go alone. Nor did I want to take away a lead from Sweet n' Hot by grabbing one of the guys upstairs. So out front I sat for a little while.

When I got home, I couldn't ignore the magic outside my window, but I had no one to take a walk with me, and it was almost midnight, so I just had to settle for an open window and blinds.

As I sat down to read more of Wicked (oddly enough the scene describing the tornado) the lightning really got under way. As I was putting down my book and thinking Screw it! I'm going out to get me some of this magic! my phone rang, my darling brother who had just turned me down for a walk in the pre-storm magic was being called outside as well.

As soon as we were outside, the sky just seemed to open up and pour on us. I couldn't have asked for much better. Only one thing that I can think of right now would have topped it, but playing in the rain with my brother while my soul was reenergized by nature is a damn close second!

Sadly, I got no good pictures of the actual lightning, but my friend Davis got the one above!

Jeff and I got some other awesome pictures. There are a select few here, and more on Facebook. I'm pretty sure that 97% of the people who read this will be able to find them on Facebook. If you can't see them because I don't know you and you would like to, let me know!

My hair is totally going to be tangled and smelling of rain tomorrow. I can't wait for the reminder of the magic!

I definitely felt like I was back in Iowa for a little bit, for all of the reasons that I loved it there. (I didn't completely hate it!) Specifically, I'm recalling a trip Mallory and I took to Maid-Rite, during which we got caught in what seemed to be a 15-second downpour the moment we got out of the car and ran inside. If I remember correctly, it wasn't even raining when we left her house, just a couple miles away.

Now back to Wicked! You don't really think I could sleep after such fuel for the soul, do you?

03 June 2009

Grr to School

So this whole summer school thing is great right? I'll get my foreign language out of the way and be able to graduate on time, possibly with a minor in education, possibly with a jump start on the credential program.

That is of course until I have to actually PAY for my summer classes. I knew there was a down side to this situation that I was forgetting!

I'm going to have to start watching my money and really only spending it on dancing, food and gas. And by food I of course mean stuff from the grocery store, not so much going out.

Between dancing, school and work, I wonder what else I'll have time to do this summer.

Actually, it sounds kind of nice.

02 June 2009

More Dresses!

I know you're probably getting sick of these posts, but I really want something fun to dance in. When I feel cute, I'm so much more likely to try something new, hoping that if people happen to be watching, they'll be distracted by the cute factor if I do end up messing it up. So I need a dress like these!

Ignore the picture quality, I had to screen cap from Hulu.

Any Ideas on where to get dresses of this nature?

01 June 2009

Threadless $5 Sale!

So, anyone remember this post about wanting the awesome toy car shirt?

It's on sale for $5 again!!!

I'm totally getting it, and a few others.

I definitely want these ones...

I can't quite decide, but I only want one of these two...

I'm getting this for my brother and maybe stealing it...

Opinions please!