31 January 2010

I made it through the first week of school, and I have awesome classes. I also have time to write entries during class, but then I never get around to typing them up and posting them. I'll see what I can do to remedy that this week!

19 January 2010


Sometimes, when I'm sick (like maybe now) and a little bit congested, only one nostril will actually be blocked, but it's a little more frustrating to breathe than both being plugged up. I guess I'm too stubborn to breathe through my mouth while I can technically breathe through my nose. Breathing through my nose is more difficult for me to do, but I just don't like mouth breathing.

Also, I feel a little bad for anyone who may or may not hear me snoring tonight. It'll probably be worse than normal.

Went to Carmel this weekend. Tons of fun, will talk more tomorrow!

13 January 2010

Ever met a chick with Star Wars sheets?

A few nights ago the topic of Christmas presents came up. We still haven't exchanged them. Mostly because neither of us actually have the gifts in our possession yet.

He offered to give me a clue though, and I love trying to figure out what someone is going to give me, if only to let them know not to waste money on something I'm not going to like. He prefaced with saying that the hint would either give it away, or completely confuse me. I think he was banking on the latter. I guess I should have mentioned to him sometime before that I used to work at Pottery Barn Kids. His clue was that if I wanted to return it I would have a credit to PBKids, and I took maybe have a second to think before literally squealing with joy and doing an odd kick-thing that would have been jumping up and down if I wasn't laying down at the time.

He's getting me STAR WARS SHEETS!!!!!


Except that he's not, because they're way too expensive and I'm not going to let him. But seriously, this boy not only hit the nail on the head with the gift, he hammered the nail in completely with just the one tap. I guess I was worried about nothing.

Except now I have to come up with something cooler for him. I mean, what I had was spot on, but not nearly on the level of Star Wars sheets.

10 January 2010

Plans of progress and parties

Thank you to the person who left a very kind, but anonymous comment on a recent-ish post. I wish that I knew just who you were to truly thank you.

Getting better about blogging is part of my plan for this year. I've got lots of plans, including things like doing my makeup more often, and actually removing it at night when I do wear it. Rather than giving you a big list of things that I could think that will fit into this category, I'm going to simplify and tell you that I've realized that this year is the year that I'm going to be the person I want to be.

The most interesting of facets of this plan would probably be the new recipe idea. For the next twelve months, I am going to ask friends for suggestions, and then try out a new-to-me recipe every month. The one friend I've told about this so far initially asked if I was going for dinners or desserts. I had said whatever at first, but I think now I'm going to try to do one of each every month. By the end of the year I should have some fun cooking stories and a small cookbook of recipes I like to make! There may be even more to this plan that would include dinner parties, but that has yet to be determined. So far Double Champ and my future roommate are the only sure-fire beneficiaries of this idea.

What are your favorite recipes? And just how difficult might they be for someone who has never made them before?

03 January 2010

Going forward one year and backward 50

Even with some negatives, the New Year was fun, and friends and family are safely in 2010.

In the past week or so I've found my way back into the 1960s again. My family has often told me that I should have been alive in the 60s for the civil rights movements and such because I have always been a big believer in not only equal opportunity for all, but also peace love and happiness. Heck, in sixth grade I wore a necklace with a peace sign around my forehead at recess most days. I've also always loved Jackie O's look and could already qualify for old lady status with my affinity for the cardigan sweater. Hairspray and Across the Universe totally have me swooning for every outfit, but one thing that I never really got into (because I'm not really patient enough to deal with it) is the hair. I love the look, but it's just not really worth the effort for me.

That is, until I pulled out the velcro rollers that I bought a few years ago. I played with them a bit then, but didn't really get into them. This week though, I've used them several times, and they've been popular! The big hair is a hit with the one I wanted to impress in the first place, and I'm getting the hang of finding a way to get just the right results from them! I actually think I might see about getting some hot rollers and trying those too!

I don't have a good picture of the big hair without it all pulled back and not so big yet, but I do have a picture of the rollers!

Maybe tomorrow's hair will be worth a photo!