25 January 2009

Saturday Happenings

For a Saturday that I thought had nothing going on, I did quite a lot today.

I slept in compared to the last two days that I was working for Laura's dad, which I actually really enjoyed, and then just kind of laid in bed and looked for a new place to live until about 1 when I called a guy who had a promising ad. He was free for me to see it right then, so I decided to go. I figured that if I wanted the place, there was probably a decent number of other people who also would want it, so I better act fast, right?

The place seemed fine, and if I had to live there or nowhere I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I don't think that I would be the best fit for that situation. They have a dog who was really excited, but he wasn't mentioned in the ad. Not a big deal, but it kind of makes me wonder if there is some other detail that I need to know that is being left out.

I also made some plans to meet up with a girl to see her place tomorrow.

At 2 I got to meet up with Liz to go buy our text books for this semester. I spent $231.16 on them. That part wasn't so fun, but catching up with Liz was! We're going to get together on Monday before class for lunch. I totally forgot just how much I missed her!

After I dropped Liz off again I drove past the house I'm going to see tomorrow and I like the look of it from the outside, so that's good! Then I came home and intended to look up my textbooks online to see if I can buy some for a better rate and return the ones I got today, but instead I could barely keep my eyes open so I put on an episode of The Colbert Report courtesy of Hulu and laid down to take a break for 20 minutes or so. An hour later I woke up right at the time my mom was supposed to pick me up for box office duty for Wild Party.

Box office was not as bad as I expected it to be. I think I might volunteer to do spotlight for the next show. I always get annoyed with the spotlights when I'm watching a show, so why not participate and remedy that?

When we finished there my mom took me out to Hamburger Patties for some dinner, and Jeff and Greg joined us after they finished the show. I always forget that they have karaoke there, so it was a bit loud. We kept talking about doing a song, and then Greg just went to sign us up. He sang Proud Mary and Jeff and I danced backup. I made the mistake of inviting some random guy up though, so Jeff and I couldn't do our amazing Kati and Jeff-ness with him on the tiny stage as well.

That was the end of our meal though, so I headed over to Streets of London where Laura and a bunch of the guys were, only to have us all wander around midtown until we could meet up with one of her dodgeball and kickball teammates. The rest of us then just walked home, and I found a few replies to the ad I posted on Craigslist earlier. One of them I actually went to an Incubus concert with in Tahoe, so we'll see how that all goes!

Now it's time for bed, because it's 3 am. Hopefully I'll get to sleep well! Wish me luck with the roommate search.

21 January 2009

Project Pipeline

As much as I talk about not really wanting to teach in California, I would really like to be able to get into a classroom sooner, rather than later. So, next week I'm going to attend an information session about Project Pipeline to see just what I can do about that.

I still have a lot of work to go into my BA in English, but I think something like this will help me know what I can be doing after that.

Also, I really wanted to be asleep already, but my poor roommate is sick and throwing up every 10 minutes or so, and the toilet is about 10 feet from my head when I'm in bed.

19 January 2009

It's happening again

She's gorgeous. They're gorgeous. I believe that they are genuinely happy. I don't see how those qualities can be anything but amazing for us as a whole. No matter what you feel about policy, I really believe that a little love is nothing but good for figuring out the best things for all involved, and I refuse to believe that the love and joy in those expressions is anything other than genuine.

Please don't say that she's copying Jackie. Yes, her style is very reminiscent of our last Lady of Hope, but that's because they both understand classic looks.

Even when she looks pissed she looks amazing, and seriously, would you want to mess with that look?

I might be a little bit jealous of the fist bump.

I feel fat.

You know one benefit of being so sick that you can't eat, and constantly feel like you're going to throw up?

Losing weight.

That is not the kind of sick that I am. I am the kind of sick that I can't sleep for more than an hour and a half even when I'm dead on my feet. After talking to Daren just before 7 this morning I got up for a couple of hours, ate a bit because my stomach was almost screaming at me, and then I was finally able to fall asleep for a couple of hours and really rest. I got out of bed again around 3 or 4, and made sure to get some more food, to keep my strength up.

I've also been really good about staying hydrated. Because of the lack of activity, the normal intake of food and the greater intake of water, I've gained back the weight that I lost a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and as soon as I can stand to be out of bed again I will be and it will drop right off!

In other news, I'm thinking of dropping my prices on everything in my shop. I don't have the space to be able to create right now, and I'd really like to just get rid of some of it. I'm not usually a big fan of discounting, but it's kind of costing me more to store them than it's worth. I think I'll make my decisions on that in the next couple of days, and maybe start to change them at the end of the week.

16 January 2009

6 courses?

I just signed up for a 6th course for this semester.

I have no idea if I can actually do this. I've been wanting for a long time to finish my degree and get out though, so I might as well really go for it, right?

I am going to bed as soon as I finish posting this, in hopes of getting to school tomorrow and talking with an academic advisor to see just how much I have to finish, and where I should go from here. Then I should have a pretty good idea of whether or not i really need to betaking 6 courses, or if maybe one of these ones isn't necessary at all.

I'm also hoping to get to Dimple Records in Davis tomorrow to sell some DVDs and talk to Vanessa about a possible part time job. Wish me luck!

15 January 2009


I've been sleeping a lot lately. Like, a lot, a lot.

It has crossed my mind that this may be a symptom of things that I'd rather not see happening again, but since I'm not seeing any other symptoms to accompany it, I think I'll be ok. I think it has more to do with not having anything do to.

I would love to feel like I had space to do something and start sewing a bit, or making more jewelry, but I really don't feel like I can do that here. I'm trying pretty dang hard, but there always seems to be something that they're doing that feels like a slap in the face. At times I've thought about finding another roommate who is nit picky about the common areas being clean too, but I don't really think that would work.

I can't think of anything in this house that I use that belongs to one of my roommates, so at least other than moving costs it isn't really going to cost me anything to live on my own!

12 January 2009

Dots and great soda

My idea of the perfect random gift...

I recently found out that my love of Dots may not be as random as I thought.

It seems that my father is pretty fond of them as well. I do think I'm a little more picky about them though, as I eat the orange, red, green and yellow ones before I go for the pinks. It would be really amazing to have a box of just the pinks.

Oh, and a nice bottle of either of these wouldn't hurt to wash it down.

09 January 2009

I need a new place

You know what's worse than living in a bad apartment?

Living in a potentially amazing one with horrible roommates.

We have ants.

As with everything else that has happened in this house, I seem to be the only one who cares. And of course, guess whose room they decided to trek to from the opposite side of the living room. I have other things I need to get done today, so I'll write more about how amazing this apartment could be later.

07 January 2009

Beds are nice.

I was determined to go to bed just after 11 tonight. Since it is now 12:09, I obviously failed.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to get myself up earlier than normal though. I definitely know that I will sleep well, which should help with getting up, right?

I haven't mentioned yet that I bought this lovely thing at Bed Bath and Beyond a week ago. I've recently realized that the biggest reason I don't drink as much water as I'd like is that I have to leave my room to do so. Not something I really like to do when it's this cold out. When I do get the energy to go out to the colder kitchen, I'd much rather have a roy rogers if I have soda in the fridge anyway, even if I want to cut back on my soda intake. So now I have a 2.2 liter bottle in my room.

I tend to pour it into a cup and drink from that until it's about half full. I'm up to about 3/4 of it in one day. I hope that it will help me to save some money, since I have about $2 to my name at the moment!

05 January 2009

Provo Acoustic

This is for anyone who has made any sort of jokes about Utah to me recently.

Anyone who enjoys good acoustic music would probably also enjoy it. There is an option to "Play All Videos" on the right. You should go for that.

Lighter subject material as promised; The EX

One thing that I'm really looking forward to in moving is creating what will truly be my own space. I've had a set of plates for a few years that I totally love, but as is life in shared spaces, they have been bumped and chipped, and recently stained. They are still more than useable, and I intend on passing them onto my brother as soon as I can. I have decided to start accumulating things for an actually decorated kitchen though!

It started with a wood sign that I got from my Papa for Christmas. It's red. I currently have nothing that is red. My bedroom is all blues and greens, and there's no real escaping that as I truly adore my bedroom. My couch is blue, and a shade that would feel very country if paired with the red, and country simply isn't my style. So the kitchen will get the sign, and I will get to buy new things for it!

I've tried really hard to find a down side to this, and haven't yet come up with a real one.

I've already seen a couple of dish sets at Bed Bath & Beyond that I love and would work for a red white and black kitchen, which only makes me more eager to find an awesome place and get into it! Then I find things like this...

I don't think I even need to say anything, do I? It's a knife block that's a dude!

It's called The Ex. I love it. I saw it in a still from the movie Yes Man and I had to find it. For the record, I believe I googled knife holder man, and he was the first thing to come up.

Help me forget!

I recently heard something that I'm not even 100% sure that I heard. I didn't want to see anything in the moment, but now it's kind of getting to me. I really don't want to make anything big out of this because it's way too early to be thinking about issues like this at all, but that doesn't change that it's bothering me.

Sorry to be so cryptic, but I needed to vent, yet I can't really get detailed about it without it probably turning into a bigger event than I'd like.

I'll do my best to have a much more interesting post after I get some errands done tomorrow (later today).

03 January 2009

Nerd vs Geek vs Dork

Awesome pin by Ursula and Olive

In the pool of high school outcasts there are a few common labels. While I wouldn't exactly consider myself an outcast, I definitely am not 100% mainstream, so the question becomes, which of those terms fit me?

I have to admit that I'm not actually sure. I tend to use all three pretty interchangeably.

So I'm asking for some help. What are your interpretations of the words, "Nerd," "Geek," and, "Dork?"

Maybe if I had a better understanding of the differences between them I would know what to really say that I am.

PS, there's a bit of discussion going on about it here.

I washed my hands in a puddle today.

Today I decided to be a good daughter (and maybe I needed someone to buy me a tank of gas). My dad is moving out of my mother's house this weekend (they've been apart for 14 years, she let him stay there for a few months at a time that it was needed, no dig emotional deal, no worries). This of course means that I children are expected to be there in the hauling and dropping of furniture. We started today with renting a truck and going to the storage unit he's got most of his stuff in now so tomorrow will go a lot smoother with unloading, loading, and then unloading again. Really, I swear that elimination of the first loading will make tomorrow heaven compared to most moving days.

We found a broken jar of pear butter, which of course needed to be cleaned with supplies that we didn't have. I went to the office and was able to get a trash bag, but I didn't even think to really ask for anything else. Once I got as much of the glass as I could possibly get with just my hands, we decided that it was in a spot that we could kind of avoid, and put some paper over it because it was gross. I then went to go wash my hands in the office.

That's hard to do when they left for what was posted to be a 45 minute lunch about 2 minutes before that.

Have I mentioned yet that it was raining just enough to get everything we took out of the unit soggy? Well it was. (I'm not complaining about the rain, as I know we need it, and I actually love it. Our timing I'm not a big fan of though.) I had way too much pear butter on my fingers to just wipe it off somewhere though. Looking down while calling my dad to let me back in the gate I noticed an accumulation of rain that is commonly called a small puddle. It looked like the only choice I really had, so I took it.

I don't care what anyone thinks about Sacramento weather, rinsing your hands in puddle water and then not being able to dry them off before the wind gets to them makes them colder than I really remember them being.

It was not exactly an enjoyable experience, and I may start carrying wet naps.

(Sorry for all the parenthetical comments, it's late. Also, why did I not know that my dad made pear butter, and why did I not get any?)

01 January 2009

Ok, I'm game!

Go buy some stuff from Sophie! Her stuff is awesome!

And now onto my real post!

I know it's entirely cliche and expected to blog about plans and resolutions today, and I'm not usually one for following crowds too closely, but I still have some things to share today!

I think this year might actually get to be my traveling year that I've wanted for a while now. Whether it's repeated visits to a place I never thought I'd have a desire to see, or meeting travel goals I've had for years; I'd like to take a trip every other month or so. Maybe more often that!

Part of that I hope will include an awesome summer road trip, hopefully with some company for at least part of it, and lots of new places along the way!

To be able to take these trips, I will need to have a better handle on my finances. This is why I need to wrap this up and get to writing some cover letters to send in tomorrow!

Please wish me luck, and I'd love some suggestions on that money stuff, as well as where to go on these trips!