31 December 2007

Getting Ready

I've decided that today is the day that i'm really cleaning out my room. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take some books that I will probably never desire to read again to a used book store, and the clothes that I haven't worn since moving into this house in August are going to the used clothing store, or to goodwill.

Please wish me luck!

30 December 2007

Not to be negative...

in recent conversations in the Etsy chat rooms a few people have said somethings that come off as rather negative, myself included when I don't pay attention, and I've realized how kind of ridiculous it is.

That being said, I still have a bit of a gripe about the past hour and a half of my life. I was just shopping at Kohl's, attempting to return some unwanted Christmas gifts and find something suitable to wear to work. Preferably something in the form of pants since it seems I don't seem to have too much trouble finding tops and it's too cold out to be wearing skirts at the moment.

I went in with the idea of finding some simple dark pants that would be suitable to wear in an office environment, and I found nothing. I was totally willing to go with just black, pin stripe, dark grey, whatever. but nothing that was in my size and not cut weird.

The place was an absolute mess and I couldn't believe that anyone would shop there.

I really believe that it is customers allowing stores to become run down, not the companies. If customers didn't shop there, the stores would fix it. Instead we continue to give them our money and they see no reason to change their ways. I can't say that I blame them.

I left without pants, so I don't get to wear a new outfit to my interview tomorrow (which I'm not actually too stoked about anyway). I did swing through the kitchen section though, and I think that I will have to go back there to get some new stuff for my kitchen. I so wish I cooked more!

29 December 2007

New contacts?

I have an eye doctor appointment in 29 minutes. With a little luck I'll be getting at least 6 months worth of contacts. For the past year or so I've been wearing the same ones. No lectures please, I know it's gross. I'm in my glasses now, I don't think I'll even bring my contacts to the doctor. Less evidence, right?

Wish me luck on not getting a lecture!

28 December 2007

Things are looking up.

I have an interview on Monday. It's for a temp company that already has a job lined up to start in the new year. There's another job that I want more that I've submitted my resume to. I called that place today and got the office manager's voice mail. I'm going to try them again on Monday afternoon if I don't hear from them earlier in the day. It might be a teeny bit annoying, but it shows that I'm persistent.

Please wish me luck, I think I'm going to exchange some christmas gifts this weekend for some new work type clothes to get some good karma rolling for the job thing.

27 December 2007

Very Etsy Christmas

This Christmas I took the buy handmade pledge and stuck to it for all but one gift.  Sadly though, I don't have a family that would get too behind that idea.  Instead of giving up though, I stuck to my guns and just told my family that everything I wanted was in my Etsy favorites.  

That insistence and some very generous red roomies made an extremely amazing Christmas that was not only handmade, but Etsy made!

Get ready for some pictures, 'cause I'm totally sharing! In the order of receipt.

EnigmaChck is my new favorite! I would have never bought that brooch for myself, but I'm loving it.

I can't believe that isn't a custom necklace!

From my Grandparents (who think that my mom picked them all out).

I finally have a Sojourn!

Maybe now I'll have a semi-clean car!
(I figure you don't need to see the refil bags too.)

Yay, my last wallet was amazing, but the materials were not wallet materials, so it was coming apart. Sad Face for that, but Happy face for this one!

From my mom, picked out from my favorites.

Two of my walls are the color of the grass. It's gonna look awesome in a white frame on one of them!

Oh so happy with Xiane. Wonderful woman knew it was coming to me and sent some fun extras from her other shop.

Yay for a second piece of redpanda!
Since I have small wrists I actually altered it so it's a couple thinks smaller, but only because I knew that if I screwed it up it would make her laugh if I needed to send it to her for fixing!

That's not all that I got, but you guys don't want to see the lame mass produced stuff. I will be getting pictures of these items on me, or in the car and such soon!

I must say that it's difficult to get two amazing necklaces and then not know which to wear! For now I'm not 100% happy with the chain I have for the pendant, so I'm wearing the radish a lot. I've taken to brushing off the questions with a quick "It's a nickname." but I admit that most people want more than that. I guess Rob has just let me be more of a woman of mystery. (Too bad the one I'd like to stay a little mysterious with knows the real story already. But that's another entry!)

17 December 2007

I said I'd be back tonight.

I need to actually get a mailing list going for my shop.  a few people signed up on Decemeber 1 at a show and I haven't even said thank you for signing up yet!

I'm hoping that this post will remind me to do so tomorrow night when I get home.

I probably won't though.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to visit a salon that's looking for a part time receptionist.  It'd be really nice to get a part time job that will pay bills and then force me to work on my Etsy for other stuff.  Plus, it seems like a fun salon with a younger group of stylists, so maybe I'd be able to find some new customers in the form of salon clients!

Cross your fingers for me!

Until then, enjoy the silly random pictures of things I need to add to my Etsy shop.

New Job Today

So it's my first day at this new placement and I really hope that some of the people don't show up for the nexy couple days and the assignment gets extended.  It is amazingly easy work, but there's lots of it and I'm not having to sit around and twiddle my thumbs for any reason.  Well, the hour that Mike took for orientation and training included a bit of thumb twiddling, as he explained things multiple times.  If I'd been paying attention the the whole things I'm sure it would have only congused me since the first demonstration was entirely adequate.

I'm actually writing this on my break on the back of the time sheet that he gave me this morning.  It's a faxed copy of the ones I get from the temp agency and have at home, so I don't mind "ruining" it.  

I took my lunch almost as late as I could.  We have half an hour and I could have waited one more half hour before going if I wanted to, but I was at a perfect stopping point in my work.  I hope that by waiting the second part of the day goes by quickly.  I've worked 5 of my 8 hours for the day, 4 of which I was actually working and not being trained, so I'm thinking that the last 3 shouldn't be too bad.

I had my iPod on for probably 45 minutes this morning, but the last half of the battery died really  quickly so I've just been listening to my surrounding.  It's not terrible, but I can't wait to charge benjamin back up tonight so he'll be fully functional tomorrow.

Eep, I have more to say but no more time to say it!  Hand writing can be fun, but it definitely takes way more time than typing.

Fifteen minute break now and I'm sure I've got way more to say than the time to say it in!

I really like that there is lots of recycling going on here.  There's even a compost bucket under the sink if I'm going to believe the sign asking for more contributions to it.  (I haven't actually investigated this personally, but maybe I will tomorrow.)

There's a computer in the break room and it intrigues me.  Mostly because this is the longest I've been without Etsy Forums while awake and without other entertainment sing I went to Vegas, but also because I think typing all this would be a far greater use of my small amount of time.

I'm running out of paper, so I'm going to have a quick snack!

There may be more to come later today.  If not, I noticed somethings to write about while on my lunch tomorrow as well!

Roberta Smith

Ok, so i know that this is a little silly and i need to leave for work in just over 5 hours, but i needed to post this.

I love Roberta Smith.

Please tell me that you know who this wonderful woman is.

She is 100 years old.  She is happy.

I would really like to beable to say both of those things.  If not both I'll definitely go with the second.

16 December 2007

New Job

I start a new job tomorrow.  It's a new placement with the same temp agency I've been with since late June.  

I'm kind of excited about it.  It's the first time that I've been told that I can definitely wear jeans with a nice shirt.  I like this because my jeans are actually much nicer than my "work pants" because I wear them more often and will invest more money in them.  I also just like the look of a nice shirt with jeans more than with "work pants."  I guess to me it says that a person can be professional yet completely approachable.  I don't really believe that you can't be 100% professional in the worst of outfits anyway.

I have to drive at least half an hour to this job, but it's much better than nothing and hopefully it will last more than the 1-2 weeks that they think it will.  I'm hoping that my track record with temporary placements will help with that.  The first assignment I went on with this company was supposed to be 2 weeks and I was there for four months, so cross your fingers for me!

I must say that I'm rather proud that I'm actually posting again today.  Hopefully I will post tomorrow on how the first day went.  I don't think that I'll be at a computer during the day, or I'd attempt to write from there.  I probably don't need to be trying to get online on the first day of a new job anyway.  Maybe I can bring my iPod though.  that would make what is very possibly going to be rather boring a little less so I think.  

I'll let you know soon!

15 December 2007

New Year's

So, it's getting close to that time again.  time to make resolutions that we have every intention of, but know that we won't actually keep.

I'm hoping that this year i might actually keep up with them though.  Which is why I'm starting on them now.  I don't have too many so it's not at all impossible, but I don't remember being too successful with any resolutions, so wish me luck!

If I do make it through you will see a lot more updates here.  I've been told that blogs are a grand marketing tool for Etsy, and I like to be able to voice my opinion on random topics.  Those two things lead me to believe that I should be updating this on the hour!

I don't think that will happen, but maybe we'll go for at least twice a week.  That doesn't sound too bad.  

I would also like to keep up better with my flickr account. I will do that with new Etsy items as well as my second try at Project 365.

Next yeat is a leap year though, so I guess I'll actually be taking pictures of myself every day for 366 days.  Also, that page says just a pictue a day, my pictures will hopefully be self portraits.  Or maybe I'll do a couple and also do something like my food or surroundings or something.  Suggestions are suggested.