19 November 2007

back in the swing of things

ok, so i might not be doing amazingly with this updating thing, but 5 days isn't terribly long between them.

i finally got internet into my bedroom at home, so i should be able to post more often again. lots of new stuff to get up on etsy as well.

even with that new connection, i'm not actually updating from there. i'm at the boy's house, so i should make this the end and hope for more tomorrow!

14 November 2007

just keeping up with posting. no time to actually say anything, but definitely time to post.

11 November 2007

buy handmade!

craft fair yesterday.  

i loce my displays, but they work better on smaller tables than i had.  i had no idea that it would be a full cafeteria table.  now i know to ask when they say that they will be provided.

Cookie Lee was there, which was a bit disappointing, i really don't understand why people like their stuff.

One girl kept bringing her friends over to show them my newest necklace which is designed to be played with while you wear it, and eventually got her dad and his wallet to the table as well.  even before she bought it though i was on cloud nine because of the 5 people she showed it off to.

the booth behind me was another girl from etsy.  she sells really cute handmade boxes with hershey's nuggets in them.  each nugget has a letter that she's printed out and they spell just about anything you want.  i think i'm going to get my mom and my brother's girlfriend them for stocking stuffers.  i might even be nice and get a "sister" one for sandy.  I know that she would like that.

i didn't really sell much, but i did learn that i need to ask more questions and that i don't want to do shows that will allow booths of The Pampered Chef and the like.  IndieSacramento should be good.

i don't want to over do with with a huge post, so i'll let this be and try for more tomorrow!

10 November 2007

wow.  almost 4 months without a post.  i'm actually a little impressed.

except that it took me three attempts to type the number 4.  i'm in the dark, but since i thought my finger was still on the 3 when i got it wrong the first time, i figured i'd be good the second time around.  not so much.

so, onto an update that has something to do with something i guess.

eh, i'll wait til tomorrow when i feel like uploading pictures.