30 September 2008

No more babies.

I don't often talk too much about politics here because I'm pretty sure that if you know me at all you know almost exactly where I stand on most issues that matter to me at all. But I saw something a few days ago that I can't help but comment on here.

While driving on 16th a few days ago I saw a bumper sticker. Not being the kind of person who understands putting political opinions on cars I've recently been hyper-aware of bumper stickers and I can't help but read them. This car had one of the maybe 10 McCain stickers I've seen (which actually makes me smile because there are so many more people openly passionate about Obama) along with another above it. I could tell as soon as I recognized the McCain one that I would definitely love anything else that this person felt so passionately about to put on their car.

I have to admit, I totally and one hundred percent agree.

I totally don't believe that a person can be Catholic and Pro-Abortion. I bet that my reasoning for that is very different than the middle-aged man driving that soccer mom car though. I don't happen to believe that you can be a person and be Pro-Abortion.

Why is it that so many Pro-Life advocates can't seem to understand that being Pro-Choice is not at all Pro-Abortion or Anti-Life?

To truly be Pro-Abortion, one would have to believe that no more kids should ever be born. I have met some people who actively despise children, but I don't think that I could ever get one of them to really admit that no one else should ever have kids and we should just let the world die out.

So crazy soccer mom driving middle-aged man, or whomever actually put that sticker on that car, you are totally right. You cannot be Catholic and Pro-Abortion. Thank you very much for reminding me of that.

24 September 2008

As is suspected.

I've got a paper due tomorrow. Anyone surprised that I'm posting again? Me either.

I don't want to stay up all night doing it, so I should probably start reading the second part of my comparison, right?

I've decided that I'm going to change up my blogger look soon. I'll probably do it tomorrow at school when I have time to really just sit and not get anything really done.

I'd love to have tons to talk about right now, but either I don't really have anything to talk about, or it's all being blocked by the knowledge that I need to be working on my paper. So instead I'm going to share something that I recently was made aware of by my favorite new blogger, Lindsay Katai.

Looks like things could go our way this time, huh? As Lindsay noted, data can be found at Five Thirty Eight.

23 September 2008

A reason to do my homework!

I have a total crush on my American Lit TA.

I'm trying to turn that into a great motivator to actually get something from the class rather than just giving the professor what she wants. That probably means that I should be reading/writing my paper rather than sitting here watching The Biggest Loser and eating dinner. I think tonight is going to be my last lazy day when I shouldn't be lazy though, so it's ok.

For any of you who didn't know, one of my favorite things to do during the week is to make dinner and eat it while watching BL. This week I decided to actually make something relatively real, rather than my typical Hamburger Helper. I didn't stray to terribly far though.

PS. I already tried to find him on Facebook, no luck otherwise I'd totally let you all in on the lurking.

15 September 2008

Ideas please

I need to do something. I need to make a difference. I'm able bodied (for the most part) and have a desire to see the my idea of the potential of our society made into the reality of our society.

Please let me know if you have ideas on how to do this. I'll be starting by making sure to leave as little a mark as I can, so I should go to sleep and stop wasting electricity.

14 September 2008

Crushed and Swollen

I currently have a swollen jaw. I don't like it. Tomorrow I get to call to add dental insurance to my plan and then go find a doctor.

I've also got a crush that I'm not enjoying, but I think that's mostly because I haven't seen him in a week and the slight chance that I was going to see him tonight seems to be gone. Hopefully he can hang out tomorrow before my crazy week starts on Tuesday!

09 September 2008

Please vote

I have some stuff that I've written out during my morning classes, but in browsing Facebook for just a few minutes I've come to realize that I have something far more important to say at the moment.

Please vote!

I can't even really put into words just how important it is for every single voice to be heard on some of the things on the ballots this November. If you're in California you have a say in allowing people to live their lives without the government telling them that it is wrong. Whether or not you agree with another person's lifestyle has very little to do with it. If you don't believe that someone has the right to tell you how to live your life, please vote No on Prop. 8 this November. No matter where you live if you like having the choice to make your own decisions, please vote for Obama, as I am terrified that Roe v. Wade has a chance of being overturned if McCain makes it to office. Whether or not you support someone actually having an abortion is entirely beside the point. We need to be free to make these choices for ourselves. It's kind of like how Republicans tend to want to keep their own money so they can choose what they do with it.

08 September 2008

silent screamforachange

I need to start doing all of my homework, and when I'm not doing that I should be riding my bike and figuring out healthier things to eat. I could use all the help with this that I can get.

The weather is supposed to get a bit cooler in the next few days, so I hope that will help, since I really like to just sleep through the heat when I can. Please wish me luck, this is going to be difficult, but I need to do it.

05 September 2008

It's 11:31pm and I'm sweating.

Also, I have a bit of a crush on a guy who just wants to be friends, but is still hanging out with me. From what I know about boys, they don't still hang out if they're not interested. I feel like this is a pattern and I don't like it.

02 September 2008

And it begins

Written throughout my first day of class at Sac State.

Day One 8:49am

First day of classes and things aren't yet going awful. Even though things haven't officially begun I had to get here and all that, so there have been many opportunities for things to take a negative turn already.

Getting up.

I'm sure it was mostly the excitement of the day, but I was able to get up and out the door without any issues. I even have time to put on a little make up! Note added while typing. This is especially odd because I don't think that I slept for more than 2 hours at a time last night.

Riding the bus

For my first time riding the bus in Sacramento, it went pretty dang well. That might have something to do with only having to flash my student ID and then follow the other students as a sign of which stop to get off at. Oh, aand there's the whole thing where the stop is just called, "Sacramento State."

Finding my first class

There was a girl on the bus who did a bit of a leech job and was a little annoying, but was very nice about helping me find my first class. I am a little bummed about not knowing how to shake her from now on. I guess riding my bike to class would fix that a bit. There was however a guy that Angela and I met on Saturday when we went out who was on the bus. His girlfriend was really nice and I hope to hang out with them again, so I'll have to say, "Hello," to him on Thursday.

First class

My first class has now passed and it went alright. No real trouble finding my next course either. I'm waiting for my second class to begin now and there are who girls I went to high school with sitting about 5 feet from me. One of them I actually had a class with and am hoping she doesn't recognize me. I don't remember specifically why, but I don't remember being especially fond of her. Of course my teacher is now not only taking roll, but has had us make name tags for our desks, so she probably will recognize me now.

Second Class

She recognized me. Even only going by Katherine when she only knew me as Kati. Her name is Emily Davis, though that means nothing to any of you.
My second class is my Shakespeare class. The one that I don't feel should be a requirement. I was a little excited to be able to give my opinion on that topic though, it was a topic of discussion at the department retreat I guess. I have to admit that I'm going to be frustrated if it is decided in a year that it's no longer required.
Now I'm waiting for my linguistics class to start. I'm a complete nerd and I'm excited for this course!
Today I'm even more excited about the idea of food in only 75 minutes! I hope the lines aren't too terribly long!

The food getting went well. I think I made a friend. She's in the class I have right before my break, and now that I didn't get into my attempted add class she's also in the only after my now 3 hour break. She goes by Katie, but her given name is Kathryn. We've already discussed my displeasure with this. She blames her parents.
I shouldn't write too much more simply because I don't want to deal with transcribing it when I get home!