25 October 2009

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

I guess here's a week and a half in one entry before passing out for 5 1/2 hours!

Last Friday the typical happy-hour-that-lasts-all-night crowd was out at our normal 10-11 two-for-ones bar, and one of the guys who was out with us said that he could get us into a club around the corner that none of us would typically go to because it's 18+ and has a high cover, but for free I'll totally dance the night away! Both Shadow Boy and Dodgeball were there.

Even after the weekend before and the disappointment of seriously unmet expectations, I spent the whole night dancing with Dodgeball. Sure I was a little drunk, but it was also rather exhilarating to flirt and dance knowing that I no longer wanted anything to come from it!

I was also able to determine that since I could have been flirting and dancing with a boy who was interested, I should probably not lead that boy on by accepting a date with him.

As of last night, I heard that Shadow Boy has been flirting it up with someone else who, from the little I know of her, he would be much better suited for. Win, win, win! (Option 5, I believe, for fans of The Office.)

This weekend has been a bit of a blowout to kick of the second half of the semester. It's one of the busiest I've had in a while, and I'm loving it!

Now it's time for bed after a great showing of the Rocky Horror Show, because the lovely Kasey is picking me up in less than 6 hours to get an awesome vanity I found on Craigslist. The addition of this vanity to my room will allow me to finish up the organizing of my room, which will mean a much better rest of the semester!

19 October 2009

For those who follow dictionarycom on twitter, I'm tempted to change Dodgeball's alias to Fugacious.

16 October 2009

Don't You Know that You're Toxic?

I don't even know what to say right now. I have lots of things I could update with, but I don't really get any of it, so I don't know how to get out of my head.

I guess I'll give it a go though.

I was thinking about the possible date with the about to be named boy, and I realized that I'm not currently terribly into him. I have no zsa-zsa-zsu, as a new blogging friend has recently posted about. I want a boy who will share the spotlight with me. Someone who will get up and make a fool out of himself with me so that when I regret it, he can say he did it too, rather than try to tell me that I looked fine. I don't really want someone who will be standing back in the shadows. Thus Shadow Boy has been named.

(Totally unrelated picture, but can I please have one this adorably afraid of fireworks, but then totally into them when hanging out with me?)

So, I got some advice from a friend this week that I should not in fact take Shadow Boy up on his date offer if I don't think that I like him. The thing is though, I do enjoy talking to him. What if that could lead to some zsa-zsa-zsu? I mean, the first few times that I met Dodgeball there wasn't anything there. And then the idiot had to go and use some big words, and there were those damned butterflies in my stomach. Why do I have to be such an English major?

If I could like Shadow Boy though, why shouldn't I give it a shot. Maybe the butterflies will come later.

Or maybe they'll last for 3 years like they have with someone else...

Blue instant messaged me tonight. Checking to make sure that I still work somewhere that prevents us from dating. He has actually been the topic of discussion lately, and I find it very interesting that he then messages me at 1:15AM. What is it about this boy? I don't understand him!

13 October 2009

Put your hands up!

I haven't written for a while. In any of my blogs.

I'm really overwhelmed with school right now and I can't wait to have my hours cut at work now that we have a new part timer. I know that's a little unexpected, but I really want to get back on top of this semester, and the only feasible way for me to do that means less time at work.

In the last few hours I have been semi-challenged to learn the Single Ladies dance, which I've wanted to do anyway, but now will have to because I can't challenge someone to do it and then not do it myself. I may be performing it in a couple weeks, or I may find some way out of us all performing it. If I do learn it and feel comfortable before Halloween, I'm super tempted to dress up as Beyonce for Halloween though. I kind of think it's appropriate for working at a music store, is it not?

I have another idea I really like for Halloween though, and If I can make that happen I'm going to instead.

Beyond the dancing and Halloween motivations, this weekend allowed me to see that I kind of am enjoying being single. As much as I like the idea of relationships and such, sometimes there are disappointments that come with that kind of thing, and I have too much to focus on right now to open myself up to disappointments. Especially the kind of disappointments I had this weekend. At least I won't have to focus on that issue anymore!

That being said, I believe there is kind of an open invitation for a date right now, and I will be taking this boy up on his offer. I can't think of an appropriate nickname for him that won't also reveal his identity to some people who read this, so he is as yet unnamed, but I will do my best to come up with something before writing about him again.

09 October 2009

I love when I forget that I schedule something to post later and then I get a comment on it so I get an email reminder that it exists!

For the record, I'm about 97.4% sure that I, in fact, do not have snot droplets all over my house. For one thing, when that conversation happened, last week, I wasn't really moving around the house all that much.

In other news, this semester is kicking my ass, and I just made a meatloaf.

08 October 2009

My brother and I are awesome.

Jeffrey: i found you!
Katherine: creepy
Jeffrey: yeah i get that sometimes
Katherine: i know, i taught you well
Jeffrey: haha
Katherine: want to hear something gross?
Jeffrey: um idk
Katherine: just say yes
Jeffrey: haha yes
Katherine: it's not blood and guts gross, just like snot gross
Jeffrey: haha fine
Katherine: I just got up to get ANOTHER kleenex, and my nose literally dripped onto my hand
Jeffrey: gross
Katherine: I know, right?
the grosser part is that i only know because i felt it fall on my hand
I could have snot drops all over the house!
Jeffrey: ok you can stop now
Katherine: You're keeping your shoes on from now on when you're here, aren't you?
Jeffrey: i would say yes, but it's not true
Katherine: yeah, you'll forget
Jeffrey: most definitely
Katherine: and the next time I see you without shoes in my house I'll be thinking about this conversation
Jeffrey: please don't remind me of it
Katherine: I won't
but I'll be smiling
smirking even
Jeffrey: le jerk
Katherine: and you'll ask me why, and I'll invent something extravagant just to spare you
that's how much I love you.
Jeffrey: haha well thanks

05 October 2009

Small request

Would one of the adorable boys in my life just ask me out to one of the great movies out right now already?

I'm a better hippie when I'm sick.

Yesterday I went to the store, and not only remembered to bring my reusable bags, but also decided to go with recycled tissues rather than the oh-so-tempting Puffs Plus with Lotion.

My nose doesn't hate me quite so much as it could, but it is building quite the friendship with my tube of Neosporin. I've got to tell you, it's a damn sexy look.

04 October 2009

Can I have some water?

I really honestly don't get how mouth breathers exist. I'm pretty sure that I could fall asleep with a stuffed nose, if it weren't for the fact that my mouth is drying out every 3.7 seconds.

Mouth breathing has always kind of grossed me out in the past, and I'm sure that it will continue to do so when I can hear someone doing it, but now I will have a bit more respect for them when I notice it.

03 October 2009

I am not invincible.

Sorry to break it to some of you, I know that y’all worship me and everything, but sometimes I simply can’t do it all. I found that out this week based on what I thought was caffeine withdrawal. Turns out, lots of those symptoms are the same as whatever flu-like thing I’ve got going.

I came home from work after only 2 hours yesterday because I was pretty much useless. I was really trying to stick it out until the second key holder came in so that they had better coverage, but I really couldn’t. I then proceeded to sleep through the afternoon on the couch while half watching Sunshine Cleaning.

Then my angel Blythe came and brought me some soup! The food helped tons, and I felt much better before bed, though I ended up calling in sick today to make sure that I’m really getting over whatever this is before getting back to school on Monday.

Too bad I don’t have any grand stories about awesome adventures or anything, I think I’m going to be a grown up and not go out dancing tonight no matter if I’m feeling amazing later or not. Instead I’ve made some magnets and now I’m going to do what I can to catch up on the homework that I’ve gotten behind on while being sick.

HA! I wrote that hours ago, and have not gotten around to any homework, nor even posting this!

I was able to watch a few episodes of Ugly Betty and every episode of Glee on Hulu though. And now I’m about to go flip out on the neighbors who are playing music way too loud. Yes I realize that it’s only 8:30. Apparently I’m a grouchy invalid.

01 October 2009

Caffeine withdrawal is totally a real thing.

And it's not pretty.

Which makes me want to stop ingesting it. But considering how my day went today, that does not seem to be the most logical course of action. I could not get out of bed today. And I hated it. I was really looking forward to getting to class today and continuing my attempts at staying on top of schoolwork, but I could not get out of bed before 3.

So I had an enchilada that my roommate made last night, it was awesome, and some dr pepper, and I’m feeling about 94.3% better. So no more 48 hours with no caffeine after more than 3 servings of it the day before.

I’m kind of wanting to cut my hair. I decided a while ago to let it grow longer because I had it long at the beginning of the year and I loved all that I could do with it (even if I never did) but I’m getting a little sick of it lately. I know that if I go into Courtney and tell her this she’ll go for layers and keep the over all length, but sometimes I feel like I’ll walk out of there with a bit of a femullet if I don’t cut the longer layers too, and I’m not a fan.

Any thoughts?