31 March 2009

Nice and Tingly!

I'm a big fan of Apricot Facial Scrub. This weekend I finally got some at Target after (I think) leaving my tub of it at my mom's house a few weeks ago. I got the Target brand because it was cheaper, and I couldn't be happier. This stuff performs just like the St. Ives stuff when I'm just washing my face at the sink, but in the shower it is somehow transformed and gets tingly as it is rinsed off.

It makes me happy.

Also, the new uniform I have to wear comes with an awesome visor that makes it unnecessary for me to fry my hair with a straightener. Considering the amount of split ends I had when I just got my hair cut, this is probably good. The uniforms have changed since this video, but I love this skit, and it's a little true sometimes!

30 March 2009

Bike Suggestions

More bike

Yesterday I decided again that I would like to paint my bike. When I was initially looking for a used bike I realized that painting was an option so I didn't care about the color so much, but I ended up with one that I liked anyway! Though I do like the decals and wish I could keep the original look of them, I'm not entirely impressed with the gold. Plus, I can get my own decals to say something awesome, and in any color I'd like!

So now I have to decide on a color! I was thinking purple (eggplant for Sophie), but it just kind of screams little kid's bike to me. As much as I hold true to what I've said for about 12 years about not ever really wanting to grow up, I want to be young at heart, not young through my bike.

So then I was thinking white with purple (eggplant) decals. That might be a little to juvenile as well. Though maybe not.

So now I want to hear how you would paint it, as well as what your decals would say!

Here's another angle to show off my favorite part of the frame!

my bike

29 March 2009

Down and Dirty


This afternoon I decided to get down and dirty for a bit.

Above is what I started with after my visits to Target yesterday and today. After getting home with two of the Gerber Daisy plants I realized that I could fit another into the 100% recycled materials pot that cost me less than $2 and was made in the USA. In the end, they might actually be a little crowded in there, but we'll see I guess!

The green pots don't have drainage holes, so I figured I'd pull out the dremel that's getting a lot of attention lately. After more than half an hour of trying though, and seeing the drill bit turning red a few times from the heat it was generating I decided that even though my wonderful dremel is the super tool, these pots must be made of kryptonite. To think I was worried about cracking the whole thing!

I finally decided to go outside and found some concrete chunks outside that I could use in the bottom like rocks to allow drainage. I knew that only the cacti would be going in there anyway, so I'm willing to take more of a risk. It's a little bit harder to mess with a cactus as far as I've known.

If you know me, you know that I name everything. I'm not sure what to name these little guys though. Any thoughts?

Joint pot

This is Augustus and the Andrews Sisters.
(I'm not actually 100% sold on the name of The Andrews Sisters for the Daisies, it's just the first trio name that came to mind, suggestions are more than welcome.)

Augustus and the Andrews Sisters

And now here's how they all are on the porch.


I may take some better pictures tomorrow in better lighting, sorry about the shadows in these.

Teaching Secrets

I love my weekly sanity fix. There is always at least one postcard that is more than exactly what I'm feeling at the moment. Usually it's the positive or neutral ones that I identify with, which is good, right?

----Email Message----

i'm planning on becoming a teacher when i graduate and i'm absolutely terrified that i'm going to have a student just like me

I consider that postcard to be a bit of a positive, and the comment to be a neutral. I'm not completely sure about the teachers that I had still, but I have recently said the email message word for word to a few people while talking about student teaching positions.

I'm starting to get pretty excited about school being done. Now that I'm going to be working around 20 hours a week, I think that things will go by much quicker and I'll feel more like I'm accomplishing something. Though I think that could have come from the summer schedule for the local community colleges coming out on Wednesday and figuring out what I'm doing for this summer.

I'm hoping to take three or four classes this summer while they're short and quick. It will take a lot of work and a good deal of focus, but it will make my Fall and Spring semesters much easier. They actually would be pretty easy right now if I decided to just get my BA in English like the plan has been since applying for Sac State. I've recently realized that it's very possible for me to get a minor in Education in the same time, so I intend to do so!

26 March 2009

Hi again

I saw a guy on campus today on rollerblades. He didn't appear to have any other footwear with him, which seems to suggest that he would be sitting in class with rollerblades on.

I wish i could have checked into it further.

22 March 2009

My Saturday Night

Avenue Q was amazing, and the second act was definitely what I needed after the closing number of the first act.

I got hit on once for sure, and I think it would have happened a second time had I not stuck to my guns and gone home.

More on both of those later.

20 March 2009

Someone has a new 'do!


Since it's not all in frame, here's a less flattering shot that gets the full PG-13 possibilities of the old cut!

I didn't really need this cut for the reason that most girls would be getting it given the events in my life in the past few weeks; it was more about needing change in general. I will go back to the long hair as fast as it will grow, but for now I have no excuse to not take the new steps that I should be!

What do you think?

19 March 2009


I was going to curl my hair today. Instead I slept in. I very much enjoyed my decision.

The only real reason that I wanted the big curls today was that as of tomorrow I won't have the chance for a while anyway...

Mallorys and Moms crack me up!

Mallory: you're like a philosopher

Katherine: lol

Mallory: "What is temperature if you can't feel it?"
that's like something out of a famous philosopher book

So, in the past 12 hours, I've been told by my mother to apply for America's Next Top Model (because they next cycle is for 5'7 and under) and that I'm a philosopher.

I don't know what to make of all of this, but I think I like it!

18 March 2009

Carbs are my friend.

I'm in the River Front Center on campus, and one of the food vendors has some sort of bread product that smells amazing.

I'm really glad that I can't figure out which it is, or what product it is. I'm not actually hungry, so eating something right now would only make me unhappy later, and I'm trying to save money right now. That's what one should be doing the day after they quit their new job, right?

Great find!

In browsing my Google Reader just a minute ago (what, you think I really do my homework when I skip class to do it?) I was introduced to a fun new blog that I will be following through a great project that the blogger did for a friend, and is giving away for someone else as well!

17 March 2009

My Future

One day, several years off, I will have a child like this.

Oh, and definitely the best home movies, which will by then of course be YouTube channels.

Be on the lookout.

13 March 2009

Super productive day

I don't know that I actually got a lot done today, but I felt like I did, which is the part that I care about.

I found out that my degree is probably a lot closer than I thought that it was. If we didn't all have to apply for graduation a full year in advance, I would actually be really tempted to try to force it into just this fall. It would be an extremely difficult summer and fall, but it would technically be feasible now that I'm seeing I can handle this 18 unit semester. It's probably best that I'm forced to do it over the full year, just so that I don't go crazy.

I started work! Technically it was a "second interview" but it was more of a trial shift really, and it went pretty decently. It's not going to be something that would turn into a career, but I already know what I want to do with my career anyway. I will however look forward to feeling as though I contributed something to society and am putting my money a little bit closer to where my mouth is. Better yet, they're giving me money to do so!

I've got some plans for even more happenings in the very near future, and look forward to not only planning them in more detail this weekend, but seeing them come to fruition much sooner than I thought they would. These are things that I've been hoping to make happen for a while, but they were always back-burner plans with the flame on so low you'd need to turn the light off to see it. Being able to plot out anything to make them happen makes me smile.

I bought those tonight, along with 7 other pairs. I really can't wait to get them! Click on the picture to check out all of Sophie's awesome shop! I think I'm also going to buy the dress I've been thinking about since last weekend at Old Navy.

With the green cardigan I already have, the earrings above, and my new purple flip flops, I think I will have the greatest summer ever!

07 March 2009

Bishop Allen

I follow a blog about indie music that offers lots of free MP3s every week, but I haven't actually downloaded many of them until last week. I'm currently listening to the group of them from last Sunday's round up, and the first one of them is so perfect for where I was a few days ago.

Anyone who lives in Sacramento and knows that the weather has been following my mood knows that I'm in a much better place now, but it was very nice to hear this song that just captured everything, and put it together with a nice little bow tied around it!

You should definitely go to Bishop Allen's website and check out the song Rain. You can download it there for free, and you can see all their upcoming tour dates. I'm bummed that I won't be able to make it to their show in SF later this month, I guess I'll have to keep looking out for dates this summer.

Here's a nice video of the song if you'd rather have a preview, but the recorded version is preferable in my opinion!

So, I'm kind of loving the new embedding options on YouTube!

06 March 2009

I'm pretty sure this outlet is safe now

I have definitely potentially messed up with him. It's taking me hitting bottom to realize what I really need to do. I wish that he would have just communicated what he needed to me. If he had I might not be feeling so foolish right now. Anyway, I've got the message now, so as long as I can keep it in mind, I hope that we can come out of this on the other side.

I am definitely a little scared, but I just need to figure out a way to deal. I'm hoping that I can get some help with that along my way.

I'm pretty proud of myself for the realizations of the day. I hope that they didn't come too late for the friendship down the road.

05 March 2009

More than what I need right now.

Any time that I mention needing to feel inspired, please remind me of this.

04 March 2009

I am totally controlling the weather with my mood.

It is currently sunny with lots of blue in the sky.

01 March 2009


This is where I am as of 10:42 Sunday morning, but I finished reading it last night around 1:25.

I've got 250 pages left in Jane Eyre and I'm really hoping to be able to get 150 of those done today, since I don't think I'll have too much time tomorrow.

I do have a couple of other things I should take care of today, so hopefully I can get my head focused on this and it will all go smoothly.