29 January 2008

Interactive Blogging

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In an effort to have something more fun to do with my blog and get me back here more often, I've decided to ask for your help!

This is the official beginning of The Search for Katherine's Celebrity Look-A-Like

It's pretty much just you guys finding celebrities that you think look like me, and then I'll post pictures of them, if you want to find a picture yourself go for it. If I have a picture of myself in a similar pose I'll include that as well. I'll talke the first 10 suggestions, or I'll stop on Saturday, which ever comes first.

Then you guys will get to vote, after which I get to vote, and I will announce who it is determined that I look like.

25 January 2008




23 January 2008

Tresume and breaks

Why does Tresume smell so awful now? It used to be pretty good. I didn't bother smelling it at the store when I needed some better conditioner because I have very fond memories of the way that it smelled from many years ago.

When I used it in the shower last night though, I almost gagged on the smell. I don't know about you, but that's not exactly the reaction I want from something that I'm putting onto my hair.

Sorry I've been gone. Life has kind of gotten in the way of blogging. Unfortunately not all of the reasons behind that are positive.

I'm actually only blogging now from my temp job for this week. I know that when I get home tonight I will pretty much have just enough energy to hold my head up through the end of Project Runway and then pass out.

If it wouldn't make me speed through my lunch way too fast I'd get into my tiff with Project Runway, but I'd rather enjoy the only real break I take during the day. Maybe I'll be able to write on my lunch tomorrow. Then I'll either be totally ok with the show again (if Ricky goes this week) or pissed enough that I'll consider not watching it until about 9:58 pm next Wednesday.

16 January 2008

An attempt to save money

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In this time that I've been out of work cash for food and gas has not been the easiest to come by. So when I was at the grocery store and needing to find some cheap snacks I noticed that Goldfish were on sale for a dollar a bag.

In an attempt to get better food into my system and in hopes that they wouldn't be quite as good as regular Goldfish, therefore lasting a bit longer I bought the Whole Grain Goldfish.

Unfortunately, I was not off to a good start. I had to open them in the car because somehow I got a huge hunger wave as soon as I sat down in the driver's seat. I sat and pondered for a second once I got the bag open. Could these really be as good as the normal ones?

I dove right in. Took a few and was shocked.

The damn things are just as good as the regular Goldfish, just not as salty!

The bag is now gone, but I was able to make it last more than a day, so I guess I got my dollar's worth. So if you're wondering whether or not you should go for the Whole Grain Goldfish, I say go for it!


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Alright, it's official. If you haven't been to my Etsy store yet this year, you will be very surprised the next time you do.

I've gotten one sale from the new look, and I hope that will start jumping up higher soon.

I'm hoping to get 3 listing changed every day, as well as at least 2 new listings up every day. I just got up a brand new plastic bubble gum pair of earrings, but now that I think about it, I only have so many aunts, so i guess my shop will just have to stay full and pretty and full of my original photos for a while.

14 January 2008

Why do I keep forgetting?

I keep having grand things to talk about. My wonderful opinion on oh so many things, but even if I think about them just five minutes before sitting down, I can not remember them at all when I get to the computer.

I got more beads yesterday. I hope to get to work with those tonight. I also have decided to start making multiples of what I can. That way, when I sell one, I can relist it instead of making something new. I hope that this will help with things like the Time Machine 2 on Etsy, so if someone comes across something that I sell they can then find it in my store again.

Before I do that though, I really need to send out the earrings that I sold yesterday morning. I'll probably head out to do that very soon. Then I can also get more Light bulbs. Since I got a little excited yesterday when I heard a specific ringtone on my phone and ended up stepping on a lamp that hadn't been moved from when I was taking pictures with my light box earlier. Luckily there weren't many pieces of glass to pick up.

11 January 2008

Vlog 2

Please comment with something for me to write talk about next week.

I'm not a fan of this, but I don't want to do a million takes, and there is a cute shot of my dimples! At least one of them anyway.

10 January 2008

Light box!

I don't have a picture of it yet, 'cause my room is a mess and I really need to clean it up before I can set up everything again. I did take some pictures last night though, and I determined that I definitely need more light. So I went to my mom's today and got another lamp. Oh, and I haven't yet tried the new bulbs that I got.

I'm sorry to say that I won't actually have new pictures that I'm comfortable posting yet, but I promise to stay up late tonight to get some and post them as soon as possible.

Until then I'm going to get back to cleaning before going to my mom's to make dinner for my brother and his girlfriend tonight.

Maybe I'll share just what I made when I get back. It's a twist on tacos and it's awesomo!

08 January 2008

What a featured seller should be.

It's gone now, but I thought I would share what I posted as a treasury on Etsy the other day.

07 January 2008

Only a week

It's only been a week and I've already given up on the 366. I may try it again another time, but with other things happening lately, I didn't feel bad about not taking the pictures, and I didn't like forcing myself to smile if I wasn't in a great mood. (Note, that is not me saying that I was always in an awful mood.)

I need to start focusing more on getting a job as well as making more. I'm keepin gup ok on my goal of at least one thing a day, but for now I don't know if I'd make the 500 by the end of the year goal. It's less than two items a day, so I still have plenty of time, but how cool would it be if I could end up with like 700 items made in 2008?

06 January 2008

Quote of the week.

"You're always a radish to someone!"

That's right, it's Sunday and it's already the quote of the week.

04 January 2008

Thank you!

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

I think I'm going to try to do one vlog a week. Maybe every Friday? That way people can watch it on the weekends as well. Hopefully I'll make it some sort of a re-cap of the week and a little something extra.

Eventually I'll have enough cash to get myself the new mac I want, and then I'll actually edit things together and make it far more interesting.

I suggest you buy my jewelry until then to help me along! (Joking, but not.)

Something new!

Please let me know if I should continue.

02 January 2008

I actually got some cash.

Going to the used clothing store today was a bit of a bust. I should have expected it since I haven't worn "trendy" clothes in probably a decade. The used book store though was way better than I expected. I think I brought them 19 books that they ended up buying and I got $21 in cash.

They offer more in cash than I expected since I could have gotten $28 in store credit. I'm now seeing a couple more books that I probably won't end up reading again, so I might try them again in a week or so.

I'm proud to say that I am more organized this year. I'm making a little more than I had been doing in the last few months of last year. I think that tomorrow is when I'm going to really try to step it up to start making some changes in my store.

It might be a little silly, but I think that until I raise my prices in the whole store, I'm going to list new items at what I'm going to call a preview price. It will be significantly higher than what they will eventually be at, but it will get people prepared for the impending change. While typing that I realized how silly it really is. How easy would it be for someone to write off my entire shop for my new stuff being entirely overpriced? I think I'll just price them as the new prices will be.

01 January 2008


I'm not one to really have a clearance section in my store, but I'm kind of sick of looking at some of my stuff, so I've put it on clearance. If it doesn't sell before January 15 I will be taking it off of Etsy, and taking them apart for the beads.

I've also recently realized that I kind of underprice myself. So along with removing the unsold clearance items, I plan on doing a major store overhaul in just two weeks.

Until then I will be posting the few things that I still have pictures of but haven't added, and relisting to keep the shop fresh!