19 January 2009

I feel fat.

You know one benefit of being so sick that you can't eat, and constantly feel like you're going to throw up?

Losing weight.

That is not the kind of sick that I am. I am the kind of sick that I can't sleep for more than an hour and a half even when I'm dead on my feet. After talking to Daren just before 7 this morning I got up for a couple of hours, ate a bit because my stomach was almost screaming at me, and then I was finally able to fall asleep for a couple of hours and really rest. I got out of bed again around 3 or 4, and made sure to get some more food, to keep my strength up.

I've also been really good about staying hydrated. Because of the lack of activity, the normal intake of food and the greater intake of water, I've gained back the weight that I lost a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and as soon as I can stand to be out of bed again I will be and it will drop right off!

In other news, I'm thinking of dropping my prices on everything in my shop. I don't have the space to be able to create right now, and I'd really like to just get rid of some of it. I'm not usually a big fan of discounting, but it's kind of costing me more to store them than it's worth. I think I'll make my decisions on that in the next couple of days, and maybe start to change them at the end of the week.


Rosebud Collection said...

Hope you are feeling better..The earrings are lovely..

Beth said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better. Stomach bugs are the worst.