03 January 2009

Nerd vs Geek vs Dork

Awesome pin by Ursula and Olive

In the pool of high school outcasts there are a few common labels. While I wouldn't exactly consider myself an outcast, I definitely am not 100% mainstream, so the question becomes, which of those terms fit me?

I have to admit that I'm not actually sure. I tend to use all three pretty interchangeably.

So I'm asking for some help. What are your interpretations of the words, "Nerd," "Geek," and, "Dork?"

Maybe if I had a better understanding of the differences between them I would know what to really say that I am.

PS, there's a bit of discussion going on about it here.


Anonymous said...

Here are my definitions:
Nerd: Someone who spends all of his or her time indoors working on computers or video games, etc. and therefore lacks real social skills. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is the epitome of nerd.

Geek: Someone who is hardcore into something, and it doesn't have to be computer-related or tech-related. I consider myself a geek when it comes to snails and dancing.

Dork: Someone who is either fashionably-challenged or they just say or do silly/stupid things that don't necessarily mean the person is stupid, just dorky. I consider myself to be a big dork, and I often call my friends dorks. It's more of an endearing term than anything to me.

SleightGirl said...

To me, a nerd is a smart outcast, a dork is a dumb outcast and a geek is an outcast who's really into one thing like computers, or dungeons and dragons and stuff...I'm part dork part geek.