30 March 2009

Bike Suggestions

More bike

Yesterday I decided again that I would like to paint my bike. When I was initially looking for a used bike I realized that painting was an option so I didn't care about the color so much, but I ended up with one that I liked anyway! Though I do like the decals and wish I could keep the original look of them, I'm not entirely impressed with the gold. Plus, I can get my own decals to say something awesome, and in any color I'd like!

So now I have to decide on a color! I was thinking purple (eggplant for Sophie), but it just kind of screams little kid's bike to me. As much as I hold true to what I've said for about 12 years about not ever really wanting to grow up, I want to be young at heart, not young through my bike.

So then I was thinking white with purple (eggplant) decals. That might be a little to juvenile as well. Though maybe not.

So now I want to hear how you would paint it, as well as what your decals would say!

Here's another angle to show off my favorite part of the frame!

my bike


mallory! said...

I am an eternal fan of purple. I think if you picked the right shade you might be able to avoid the kids' bike stigma. Purple and yellow. I'm also a big fan of orange, but that might be a little louder than you'd prefer.

JillHannah said...

Must be color day in the universe. I've been going color-crazy and blogged about it myself!
You should go to Colourism.com and find out what your personal color is and then paint the bike the color of YOU!

Katherine said...

Hmm, the companion color was the first that I was thinking of going with, maybe that's a sign.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your bike...the color and style...

Katherine said...

Thanks misscrochet! I need to clean it at least though, so I figure I might as well go for a new color too!

sophiehillartist said...

I actually like the colour it is at the moment... haha!
But I still think eggplant would rule - a really deep and dark shade.