13 March 2009

Super productive day

I don't know that I actually got a lot done today, but I felt like I did, which is the part that I care about.

I found out that my degree is probably a lot closer than I thought that it was. If we didn't all have to apply for graduation a full year in advance, I would actually be really tempted to try to force it into just this fall. It would be an extremely difficult summer and fall, but it would technically be feasible now that I'm seeing I can handle this 18 unit semester. It's probably best that I'm forced to do it over the full year, just so that I don't go crazy.

I started work! Technically it was a "second interview" but it was more of a trial shift really, and it went pretty decently. It's not going to be something that would turn into a career, but I already know what I want to do with my career anyway. I will however look forward to feeling as though I contributed something to society and am putting my money a little bit closer to where my mouth is. Better yet, they're giving me money to do so!

I've got some plans for even more happenings in the very near future, and look forward to not only planning them in more detail this weekend, but seeing them come to fruition much sooner than I thought they would. These are things that I've been hoping to make happen for a while, but they were always back-burner plans with the flame on so low you'd need to turn the light off to see it. Being able to plot out anything to make them happen makes me smile.

I bought those tonight, along with 7 other pairs. I really can't wait to get them! Click on the picture to check out all of Sophie's awesome shop! I think I'm also going to buy the dress I've been thinking about since last weekend at Old Navy.

With the green cardigan I already have, the earrings above, and my new purple flip flops, I think I will have the greatest summer ever!


mallory! said...

I'm glad you had a good day. That dress is really cute...I really like the idea of a simple dress like that for summertime!

sophiehillartist said...

that dress is way cute - did you end up getting it?
you should do some serious modelling pictures with the earrings ;o)