31 March 2009

Nice and Tingly!

I'm a big fan of Apricot Facial Scrub. This weekend I finally got some at Target after (I think) leaving my tub of it at my mom's house a few weeks ago. I got the Target brand because it was cheaper, and I couldn't be happier. This stuff performs just like the St. Ives stuff when I'm just washing my face at the sink, but in the shower it is somehow transformed and gets tingly as it is rinsed off.

It makes me happy.

Also, the new uniform I have to wear comes with an awesome visor that makes it unnecessary for me to fry my hair with a straightener. Considering the amount of split ends I had when I just got my hair cut, this is probably good. The uniforms have changed since this video, but I love this skit, and it's a little true sometimes!


Ninjeff said...

That video was great! "Why do I have to get a boost?" "Because it's everything that we believe in."

mallory! said...

That video makes me scared to ever visit a Jamba Juice ever.