11 November 2008

Continuing the Fight

No, not the one that I've gone on and on about through posting the words of others (though I am still fighting that fight).

I had to go to the bank today, only to remember after I'd biked the 11 blocks that it is closed for Veterans' Day.

On my way there though, I smiled and said, "Hello" to everyone who made eye contact. I did the same on the way back. A couple people looked a little surprised, which I think is great thing. I don't think that we say, "Hello," to strangers enough. Think of how pleasant it would be if we all went around smiling and just saying, "Hello," or even, "Good Afternoon." I know that I would enjoy a lot more days.

So try it, see how many smiles you can get!


mallory! said...

It's probably one of those regional things, but I frequently cross paths with strangers who say hi to me. And it is really nice. There are so many times I feel like everyone is completely oblivious to anyone besides themselves, so it's nice to be reminded that isn't always the case.