16 November 2008


mike and me
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So, I'm a little bit drunk. And I'm blogging. I thought that you guys might like to know that.

I have to be at work for DennisAnderson in less than 10 hours, to it's a good thing that I have Laura, who will let me sleep on her couch tonight so I don't have to go home drunk tonight.

I feel like I have a lot to blog about, but I can't even remember that stuff when I'm sober, so what do you really expect of me right now?

Just for the record, since I believe that Dennis will get this through a Google notifier or something, I am determined to remember all of this tomorrow. (That's more of an inside joke than me really being a black out drunk. Promise.)


moxylyn said...

LOL this is too funny.
I just read Dennis's "I quit my job" update. Very cool. He's an inspiration. And he's cute too.