03 November 2008

More than I expected

I went to see She & Him in San Francisco tonight. It was a lot of fun, and though I was very determined to not buy any merch when one of the venue's employees was kind of rude, I did buy a copy of their album on vinyl anyway. I know this means that the venue will now get a cut, but there was a digital download and I wasn't thinking ahead to being able to download the digital copy if I were to order it online right when I got home.

If you've ever heard of M. Ward or Zooey Deschanel I would very much encourage you to click on the link above, as there is a media player on the site and you can hear a bit of what they do!

In other news, I was just outside at 2:45 am because I heard a mysteriously ominous sound that I could only identify as having a car involved and being pretty dramatic.

It turns out that there was a car attempting to make a U-turn, and didn't quite miss the last car parked along the side of the road.

Both people in the car appeared to be drunk since the passenger didn't seem to think that the driver should be getting behind the wheel again, nor did the driver believe that the passenger would be able to drive. But when my neighbor went out to make sure that they were ok (I could see from my window that they were) they both got into the car after assuring him that they were ok and they drove off.

A couple of other neighbors from across the street were outside by the time that I got down stairs, but I was able to confirm that they did hit the car because I saw them checking out the bumper pretty closely and determining that there wasn't anything that they could see.

Back when I was up in the front window I got to see the two of them freaking out over their own front bumper though. It was a brand new car too! No license plates yet, and the passenger was yelling about it being a $70,000 car.

Hope they got home ok!


mallory! said...

Ooh, excitement! I hate drunk drivers. So dumb.