31 December 2007

Getting Ready

I've decided that today is the day that i'm really cleaning out my room. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take some books that I will probably never desire to read again to a used book store, and the clothes that I haven't worn since moving into this house in August are going to the used clothing store, or to goodwill.

Please wish me luck!


m.Lee said...

Good luck! I hate cleaning but love organizing.

I haven't decided what to do with myself tonight and tomorrow other than a new years brunch tomorrow morning.

I am officially old now. I just got back from asking the neighbors to turn the music down because the baby is sleeping. They are having a karaoke party and it was very loud!

PureKatherine said...

that doesn't make you old! I'm younger than you and I've asked roommates and neighbors to keep it down. it makes you a good mother. once blee is sleeping she'll sleep better if it's uninterupted.