17 December 2007

I said I'd be back tonight.

I need to actually get a mailing list going for my shop.  a few people signed up on Decemeber 1 at a show and I haven't even said thank you for signing up yet!

I'm hoping that this post will remind me to do so tomorrow night when I get home.

I probably won't though.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to visit a salon that's looking for a part time receptionist.  It'd be really nice to get a part time job that will pay bills and then force me to work on my Etsy for other stuff.  Plus, it seems like a fun salon with a younger group of stylists, so maybe I'd be able to find some new customers in the form of salon clients!

Cross your fingers for me!

Until then, enjoy the silly random pictures of things I need to add to my Etsy shop.


nuemj88 said...

I absolutely Love this photo of you!

(i'm wearing the necklace you sent me! Haha!)