27 December 2007

Very Etsy Christmas

This Christmas I took the buy handmade pledge and stuck to it for all but one gift.  Sadly though, I don't have a family that would get too behind that idea.  Instead of giving up though, I stuck to my guns and just told my family that everything I wanted was in my Etsy favorites.  

That insistence and some very generous red roomies made an extremely amazing Christmas that was not only handmade, but Etsy made!

Get ready for some pictures, 'cause I'm totally sharing! In the order of receipt.

EnigmaChck is my new favorite! I would have never bought that brooch for myself, but I'm loving it.

I can't believe that isn't a custom necklace!

From my Grandparents (who think that my mom picked them all out).

I finally have a Sojourn!

Maybe now I'll have a semi-clean car!
(I figure you don't need to see the refil bags too.)

Yay, my last wallet was amazing, but the materials were not wallet materials, so it was coming apart. Sad Face for that, but Happy face for this one!

From my mom, picked out from my favorites.

Two of my walls are the color of the grass. It's gonna look awesome in a white frame on one of them!

Oh so happy with Xiane. Wonderful woman knew it was coming to me and sent some fun extras from her other shop.

Yay for a second piece of redpanda!
Since I have small wrists I actually altered it so it's a couple thinks smaller, but only because I knew that if I screwed it up it would make her laugh if I needed to send it to her for fixing!

That's not all that I got, but you guys don't want to see the lame mass produced stuff. I will be getting pictures of these items on me, or in the car and such soon!

I must say that it's difficult to get two amazing necklaces and then not know which to wear! For now I'm not 100% happy with the chain I have for the pendant, so I'm wearing the radish a lot. I've taken to brushing off the questions with a quick "It's a nickname." but I admit that most people want more than that. I guess Rob has just let me be more of a woman of mystery. (Too bad the one I'd like to stay a little mysterious with knows the real story already. But that's another entry!)