17 December 2007

New Job Today

So it's my first day at this new placement and I really hope that some of the people don't show up for the nexy couple days and the assignment gets extended.  It is amazingly easy work, but there's lots of it and I'm not having to sit around and twiddle my thumbs for any reason.  Well, the hour that Mike took for orientation and training included a bit of thumb twiddling, as he explained things multiple times.  If I'd been paying attention the the whole things I'm sure it would have only congused me since the first demonstration was entirely adequate.

I'm actually writing this on my break on the back of the time sheet that he gave me this morning.  It's a faxed copy of the ones I get from the temp agency and have at home, so I don't mind "ruining" it.  

I took my lunch almost as late as I could.  We have half an hour and I could have waited one more half hour before going if I wanted to, but I was at a perfect stopping point in my work.  I hope that by waiting the second part of the day goes by quickly.  I've worked 5 of my 8 hours for the day, 4 of which I was actually working and not being trained, so I'm thinking that the last 3 shouldn't be too bad.

I had my iPod on for probably 45 minutes this morning, but the last half of the battery died really  quickly so I've just been listening to my surrounding.  It's not terrible, but I can't wait to charge benjamin back up tonight so he'll be fully functional tomorrow.

Eep, I have more to say but no more time to say it!  Hand writing can be fun, but it definitely takes way more time than typing.

Fifteen minute break now and I'm sure I've got way more to say than the time to say it in!

I really like that there is lots of recycling going on here.  There's even a compost bucket under the sink if I'm going to believe the sign asking for more contributions to it.  (I haven't actually investigated this personally, but maybe I will tomorrow.)

There's a computer in the break room and it intrigues me.  Mostly because this is the longest I've been without Etsy Forums while awake and without other entertainment sing I went to Vegas, but also because I think typing all this would be a far greater use of my small amount of time.

I'm running out of paper, so I'm going to have a quick snack!

There may be more to come later today.  If not, I noticed somethings to write about while on my lunch tomorrow as well!