30 September 2008

No more babies.

I don't often talk too much about politics here because I'm pretty sure that if you know me at all you know almost exactly where I stand on most issues that matter to me at all. But I saw something a few days ago that I can't help but comment on here.

While driving on 16th a few days ago I saw a bumper sticker. Not being the kind of person who understands putting political opinions on cars I've recently been hyper-aware of bumper stickers and I can't help but read them. This car had one of the maybe 10 McCain stickers I've seen (which actually makes me smile because there are so many more people openly passionate about Obama) along with another above it. I could tell as soon as I recognized the McCain one that I would definitely love anything else that this person felt so passionately about to put on their car.

I have to admit, I totally and one hundred percent agree.

I totally don't believe that a person can be Catholic and Pro-Abortion. I bet that my reasoning for that is very different than the middle-aged man driving that soccer mom car though. I don't happen to believe that you can be a person and be Pro-Abortion.

Why is it that so many Pro-Life advocates can't seem to understand that being Pro-Choice is not at all Pro-Abortion or Anti-Life?

To truly be Pro-Abortion, one would have to believe that no more kids should ever be born. I have met some people who actively despise children, but I don't think that I could ever get one of them to really admit that no one else should ever have kids and we should just let the world die out.

So crazy soccer mom driving middle-aged man, or whomever actually put that sticker on that car, you are totally right. You cannot be Catholic and Pro-Abortion. Thank you very much for reminding me of that.