14 January 2008

Why do I keep forgetting?

I keep having grand things to talk about. My wonderful opinion on oh so many things, but even if I think about them just five minutes before sitting down, I can not remember them at all when I get to the computer.

I got more beads yesterday. I hope to get to work with those tonight. I also have decided to start making multiples of what I can. That way, when I sell one, I can relist it instead of making something new. I hope that this will help with things like the Time Machine 2 on Etsy, so if someone comes across something that I sell they can then find it in my store again.

Before I do that though, I really need to send out the earrings that I sold yesterday morning. I'll probably head out to do that very soon. Then I can also get more Light bulbs. Since I got a little excited yesterday when I heard a specific ringtone on my phone and ended up stepping on a lamp that hadn't been moved from when I was taking pictures with my light box earlier. Luckily there weren't many pieces of glass to pick up.


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