29 January 2008

Interactive Blogging

modelnecklaces 006
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In an effort to have something more fun to do with my blog and get me back here more often, I've decided to ask for your help!

This is the official beginning of The Search for Katherine's Celebrity Look-A-Like

It's pretty much just you guys finding celebrities that you think look like me, and then I'll post pictures of them, if you want to find a picture yourself go for it. If I have a picture of myself in a similar pose I'll include that as well. I'll talke the first 10 suggestions, or I'll stop on Saturday, which ever comes first.

Then you guys will get to vote, after which I get to vote, and I will announce who it is determined that I look like.


esta sketch said...

I vote leslie feist.

i think it was watching the 'my moon, my man' video on youtube that i first noticed it. (everybody go watch it!)

Mallory said...

You already know this one, but Melrose from America's Next Top Model. I'll think about it for a while and see if I can come up with anything else. How is it that I am logged on to blogger? This is Matt's computer and I haven't used blogger in forever. Oh well. Don't question convenience I guess.