23 April 2009

Blown away!

Remember these invitations that inspire me to make more time for creativity? I didn't even think about what sort of party would actually result from those invitations, but whoa does it look amazing!

Caroline totally blew me away with what she came up with. Look at me saying that as though I know her and actually got to be there! I'm seeing as much of these as you are. While the level of awesome reached here totally intimidates me, I'm determined to continue to use that for motivation.

This woman is extremely talented. I hope that once my time is less saturated with end of semester things I will be able to focus my energy to create something half as amazing. Check out her full blog for the other things that she does like her awesome jewelry and great taste in kitchen decor!


sophiehillartist said...

How cool are the popcorn bags!! Great idea...

.caroline armelle. said...

thanks for posting!
i'm glad you liked the party!!

keep in touch!