06 October 2008

I went in for the second part of my root canal this afternoon. It was quite an olfactory experience.

During the initial topical ointment application I smelled something like banana, but since I don't like banana and it didn't make me want to gag, it confused me. It was really more candied than banana, so I think it was more the sweet that i focused on.

After that there was bubble gum, thought I don't remember what was happening when I smelled that.

When they put the rubber around my tooth to make sure that none of the bacteria gets into the rest of my mouth I smelled a public pool. Not in a bad way, I liked the smell.

The bubble gum continued throughout the procedure. When it was done I was looking around and noticed that the box of gloves that the assistant was using said they were bubble gum flavored! I thought that was kind of crazy, but it very much explains my constant smell of bubble gum.

It's 4 and a half hours later, and I am finally not numb.

Now that there's no danger of biting my tongue and not knowing about it, it's time to make some food!


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

wow bubble gum rubber gloves now that is just weird. But in a cool way. I am glad you were finally able to eat something:)

RagsNehali said...

hope you are feeling better now!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hate the dentist. hope ya feel better.

michvanetta said...

Ouch! Had a visit myself last weekend and I can honestly say bubble gum flavoured gloves would have helped me ALOT! Hope you're feeling better soon.
xx Mich