20 October 2008

I should be reading

I should really be either reading or sleeping.

I have 13 pages to write before 8 am on Tuesday. It is currently 3:35 am Monday. That gives me just under 28 1/2 hours in which to gather my information and write.

I'm pretty sure the writing will not take too long.

Getting me to do the reading however, that will suck.

Hopefully you will not see another post from me until at least the afternoon on Tuesday.


nichole said...

Hang in there! When I was in graduate school (English), there were days when I had more than one massive paper due. I somehow got through it, though at the time, it seemed EPIC.

Good luck!

Morrgan said...

Ack, sounds like "fun". Lots of coffee always got me through somehow. Good luck!