03 July 2008

Independence Day.

I just made the first of three calls to credit card companies to increase my credit limit. In an hour or so I think I’ll go call another. I’m saving one in particular for last because I’m pretty sure that if they know why I’d like the increase they will definitely give it to me, provided that my credit score isn’t worse than when they gave me the card in the first place, which I don’t believe it is.

I’m going to Laura’s parents’ house for 4th of July festivities tomorrow and I’m very excited. I had planned on spending the day watching the What NOT To Wear marathon on TLC, and would have been perfectly content to do so. The problem with that would be the having to tell my mother that not only was I not spending the day lying around her pool, but I was going to spend it alone.

I just think that if my options are alone or my family, the former is a much better observance of Independence Day.