09 April 2009

Wow, again?

The Simpsons will be the newest stamps in just over a month. I'm not actually a Simpsons fan, but it's noteworthy anyway I guess.

Along with those new stamps, it seems that postage prices are going up again. I just bought a whole bunch of 5¢ stamps, and in 32 days I'll need some more 2¢ ones to use up the awesome 37¢ ones I've been trying to use up! I've got at least 5 left to use, so I guess I should get on top of that. One a week should do it.

On the plus side, the ones that I have to use after the 37s are 39s, so I won't have to waste any money by having an extra cent of postage on the next batch. Yes, I am concerned with increments of one penny waste sometimes. Maybe I should show it in places other than postage...

Related: Anyone know just why postage prices keep going up?


mallory! said...

Because the Postal Service is rapidly losing ridiculous amounts of money. I remember hearing that they were considering cutting back to only 5 delivery days to save money too, which would really suck.

Katherine said...

How are they losing money though? Or is it that they're simply not making money. It seems to me that all the online shopping and such should actually help the Postal Service, right?