21 April 2009


I don't like...

26 bug bites at one time, assuming I didn't miss any.
Taking a shower, and then taking the recycling out, only to walk through a spider web.
60 degrees at 5 in the morning.
95 degrees in April.
My eyes being weird and not allowing me to wear contacts.
Gaining a bit of weight back again.

I do like...

Learning more about who I am.
Finding out that the bite reactions are normal.
Rocking the glasses for a few days.
Going shopping for new dresses because I can!
Taking more responsibility for things I'm doing.
Getting over disappointments and taking the future for what it could be.
The future.


mallory! said...

I realize I'm in the minority here, but after the long winter we've had 95 degrees in April sounds really nice to me.

Katherine said...

Mallory, you're mistaking 95 with 80. Even 80 was a little warm last week, but I was telling everyone to stop complaining because it was so cold in other parts of the country. 95 is way too hot so soon.