21 February 2009

I'm so much more of a public person than I thought I was. To the point that I'm not sure I'm 100% comfortable with it. I've always known that I was an open person, but the fact that I would really love to talk to so many people about the negatives as well as the positives in my life indicates that I'm more than open. I've held my tongue out of respect, and kind of as an exercise in trying something new. It's a weird thing to realize. Especially when the only things I'd like to share are either the things that I shouldn't, or they feel like secret messages I'm trying to send to a particular person I know is reading.

They're not really secret messages though. They're more things that I'm excited about and want to share because of that. I will admit that these things were found out in the spirit of those secret messages, but again I am not sharing this to send those messages.

After this semester I have 11 courses to take before I'm done with my degree. I'm a little frustrated that none of those courses are offered this summer, or at least not in the listings currently online, but if I continue the way that I'm going this semester it should be technically possible to be done and graduated after the Spring 2010 semester. That is of course if one of my requirements is offered again in one of those semesters. It hasn't been offered in the last three semesters, but there have to be a bunch of people who need it, as there are a bunch of people in the same program as me.

If it came down to it, part of me is thinking about trying to move back into my mom's house for a year to be able to afford taking 6 courses in a semester again, since it would mean taking a lot of pretty intense classes and I might need to be somewhere that I can really focus on them and not have to work at all.

I don't think anything else I have to say is safe for a public venue. Maybe I'll take a nap. I don't think I've intentionally taken a nap since pre-school.