27 October 2008

Story from an Etsy member

This was posted in the forums on Etsy today and I thought it was something that others should maybe read as well.

The seller who posted it is Vidrio

So I went to a Proposition 8 protest yesterday and it was crazy. Tons of people on both sides. The part that really got to me was the people of the No side were chanting about love and freedom which was great. But the people on the Yes side were just hateful. First they had tons of their kids with them. I'm all for kids observing the political process but what these "parents" had their children do was despicable. They had kids chanting "Fags go to Hell, Fags get AIDS". Many on the No side were crying at the site of this. This continued on and off through most of the protest.

In between the hate being sung out by children I talked to some Yes on 8 people about why they would support this amendment and one woman said to me "You people are always crying for tolerance, well now it's your turn to tolerate us and let this proposition pass." I explained to that her statement made absolutely no sense. She refused to listen as did just about every other person on the Yes side.

Then I met an african-american man on the yes side. He was holding a bible and was shouting that gay marriage is against god. So I went up to him and asked if we could speak for a moment. He said yes and I asked him if he had actually ever read the bible. he said he didn't have to read the whole bible to know that being gay was wrong. So I then asked him if he was aware that the main reasons given by whites to not free the slaves were direct quotes from the bible. I explained to him that if he really wanted to follow everything the bible said we would have to make slavery legal again. He got pretty angry when I said that. I then asked if he was aware that there are many laws in the bible that were written to be taken just as serious as the "man shall not lie with man" part. He asked me for examples and I told him that the bible also says we can not eat shell fish, work on the sabbath, we must stone our children for disobeying, not allow to women to sleep in the same home together when they have their periods even if they are family and yes have slaves.

He said "God bless you" and walked over to the chanting children and chanted with them.

It hit me then that I will never change anyone's mind about this. I truly believe this country is on the verge of becoming the next Nazi Germany. I don't think I can sit and wait for them to drag me to a concentration camp and make me wear a pink triangle.

I guess I agree that we are at a cross roads right now and if this amendment passes we just took the wrong road. If it does pass I guess I will start saving up to move to Canada or Spain. I guess there is no point in staying in a country that hates me so much.

I just thought I'd share my experience with my etsy friends. I do love you all even if you hate me for what I am.


kim* said...

i think you both are pretty at loss with reading the bible. just cause you both read a few lines from the bible doesnt mean you looked at the rest. you need to study it to understand what it means and have the holy spirit speak to you to understand it...or else you will not truly know what it means. i just want to say there is alot to the bible so that is why sometimes we take it wrong.

this is one thing i have to say about issues. i had alot of thought on this lately.

if a killer says,"i like to kill it isnt wrong"

if a liar says:" i like to lie it isnt wrong"

if a cheater says" i take because i like it is natural to me and i dont feel bad doing it"

then who is right? who has the right to say they are wrong?

is the law the one to choose for them?

if we do not have one true place to go to... then who really has a say on the murderer gets to go to jail... gets the death sentence. no one has the right to tell anyone what is right and wrong therefore our world is ready for something HUGE.

ceevee said...

I am truly worried about our country.

Sixsisters said...

Thanks for posting this blog.
I am very sad for the state of things in this country.
Especially people who talk about the Bible only
when it suits their evil purposes.
The Bible is a lovely book. IT has many lessons for us to heed. It is not FACT. It was written by a bunch of
old men who used it to control the people of the
History will repeat itself until we learn the lesson.

Mayhem said...
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Mayhem said...

The people on the Yes side...are unfortunately the kind of people that run this country. America lags behind because it is so overrun by God.

I have no problem with people that believe in God and the bible, but I do have a problem with the hate that so often comes with it.

As sixsisters wrote...the bible was written by a bunch of old men.

The people on the Yes side force-feed their children this type of information because you have to do it when they're young. No free-thinking educated adult would fall for it.

mallory! said...

Whatever happened to separation of church and state? This should not even be an argument in my opinion. There's a difference between living in a way that is harmful to other people, like murderers or thieves, from people who are harmlessly just trying to live their lives the only way they know how. I'm very much in agreement with the person who posted this on the forum - if I had the money, I would definitely be considering moving to another country!

shells said...

Thanks for this. I think everyone is perfectly entitled to their opinion and should live their lives the way they want, but some really need to look at the way they express it. And noone should expose young children to that sort of behaviour. It's just sad. I wish everyone could just be tolerant of everyone else and let people live the way they want to live. No person can change another person, as tempting and frustrating as it may be. Karma, anyone?