14 October 2008

School Woes

I don't like Midterms. I also don't like having a lot to do at the beginning of a term and then feeling behind the rest of the term. I think that this semester is going to be more of a learning experience than actually for a lot of credit.

I got a degree assessment today and it seems that I will probably graduate in the summer of 2012.


What was all the time that I spent doing things at community college if it's now going to take me this long? I really don't like the idea of summer school, but since I have to take a foreign language I think that might be when I do it. If I'm actually in the country and all. I mean, if I've got that long to go I might as well do at least one of the semesters abroad, right?


everything ok! said...

ohh, do a semester abroad if you can. i'd like to, but there's just no way i can pull it off :( i'm hoping when my undergrad is over to be someplace a lit-tle less stingy with the research grants so i can take off to someplace implausible like iceland or something for a year or so...

also, MIDTERMS WTF. i feel your pain. seriously. never in my life have i had so many midterms in a term. sami mad. sami smash.

(i'll smash your midterms too, if you'd like.)

Katherine said...

Only if smashing them means that I don't have to take them and I don't fail them. I'm pretty sure I could smash them myself if it meant that I could just walk away from them no problem.