14 August 2008

And I'm back!

Moving this weekend was interesting.

In some ways I'm already wishing that I had just found a one bedroom. My new place is pretty cool though, an old Victorian with a front room of windows. We found a pin on the ledge for Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so we've named the room Clementine.

My roommates have people over far more often than I'd like. Last night and just about half an hour ago there was a completely unexpected ring of the doorbell. Currently the unannounced guest has taken over the only TV with cable and my DVD player with some ridiculous anime. I'm a little bit disturbed by it and as soon as I finish this I think I'll work on organizing my room.

I'd really wanted to be done with it already, but on Sunday I dropped a large shelf on my foot and ended up in the ER for a few hours. My foot swelled pretty quickly, and ended up looking like I had half a baseball under my skin. Since then I haven't been able to carry things up and down stairs, which makes it difficult to move things from one upstairs apartment to another.

I bribed my brothers to move the last of my stuff on Tuesday, so now it's all here, but I still can't move around too well, so it's not put away at all.

I guess whatever the anime was is some sort of series because there's annoying Japanese singing and credits on at the moment. I think I'll put on some music and clean my room.