08 July 2007


for those of you who don't know, i've been planning to move.  here's a bit on the thought process.

ok, so i've taken a few days in the file room to kind of think about the whole moving thing. I've got not one, but a few prospects open to me, which actually kind of complicates things, or at least it complicates the decistion making process. there is one option specifically that i've kind of been playing around with, but at the same time i've kind of left it on the back burner. Something crossed my mind today that really changed that.

I realized today that i'm still not actually accepyed, or even really applied to any schools. while it may be really awesome for me to go to one near where i've been playing with moving to, what if they don't accept me? or what if i'd rather go to another school that does?

because of this, i realized that i can't sign a year, or even a a six month lease even as early as august because of the overlap with school schedules. that one option that i've been kind of unfair to though, as far as i know would not require me to sign a contract. i would of course keep my roommakes in that situation very well informed of any of my plans for another possible move.

i feel silly admitting this, but it's also the situation that would probably give me some really interesting stories to tell later, or maybe even put on film? i know that it would be wrong to base my decision solely on that, but the fact that there is character in the place does appeal to me.