10 July 2007

great day

tonight was a great night. i got to see a bunch of people that i haven't seen in way too long, and i will get to see most of them again on saturday. and guess what, the ones i get to see again, are the ones i like! i'm excited. brittney and liz the most. i got to sit by them tonight and much fun ensued. i don't even know if that sentence made sense, but it would have tonight. i might get drunk with them on saturday even! i know they would all like that. and i'm sure i could crash at kim's.

oh, i need to go take my 365 pic for the day. i look cute.

ok, i don't look cute on the couch with or without a flash, but at the kitchen table without a flash i'm totally adorable.

i got highway flirted with tonight. it was crazy, i was in the 2nd lane from the left, and he was in the fast lane. i was intentionally staying behind someone else who was going fast enough to keep me happy, but slow enough that he wasn't horribly over the speed limit. the flirty guy dove past me, and then slowed down enough so that i came back up next to him. obvious, no? i loved it. i could tell just enough with the sun in my eyes that he was at least cute enough to keep flirting with. but then i needed to get over a bit to take my exit, and since i got out from behind my pace guy, i sped up. so did mr. flirt. i loved it. so while i was singing still alone (new favorite song btw) i glanced over, still totally dancing along, like i've been doing the whole time (i think i forgot to mention that) and smiled. the sun was totally behind him, and i could only tell that he was looking back from the profile. then i needed to exit, so i waved out the open window, and just smiled even more.

it was fun.

i also have an update on the road sign! while it still has the same message, it is now turned so it is facing the road so one can only see it when right beside it. i don't think i explained it well, but i hope you understand. i still have no idea what is happening from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, but i assume that this is their attempt to make the message disappear as much as possible without actually removing the sign, or taking the message off and leaving it blank. i don't know why they didn't just remove the sign completely though, when they took the time to move it and all.

ok, that's my actual post for now. hopefully i'll have more soon!