12 April 2007

cicada studio

i hate the bugs, but i love the seller!

when i had a family reunion in ohio one summer in high school i was first introduced to the annoying creadtures called cicadas. they are insects that annoy me to no end, and i was very glad to leave and not deal with them again. though i swear for weeks afterward i still heard the cicada song in my ears.

fast forward several years and you'll find me on the etsy forums chatting away. there's one name that brings back that odd humming to my ears. fortunately, i tend to read what a person has said before actually reading who wrote it (or i just look at the avatar which is much quicker than reading those pesky user names) because she's kind of awesome and i ended up checking out what is a very fun etsy shop!

lots of fun zodiac stuff! it makes me wish i had somewhere to put one of those Framed Zodiac Glyphs. Seriously, only $20? That's amazing! and the shipping is pretty cheap considering what's being shipped! please go check out her shop and pass the link along to anyone you know who likes all that stuff!

she's also got another website with a bunch more stuff.  she just keeps on amazing me!

did i mention she's also a mother?