10 March 2007

and the first feature goes to...

i think it's only fair that the girl who got me into all of this be the first on my list!

lexi's stuff is rather amazing. many of her supplies are recylced items from thrift stores, so not only is she making wonderful things, she's also not using up a bunch of new resources to do so!

her wallets are my favorite of her items. she's got one up now and there's another that's already sold. i really can't wait for her to make more. you definitely want to keep her in your favorites as she goes supply hunting once a week and has recently had to replace her sewing machine, meaning she's also recently gotten an upgrade!

speaking of upgrades, ms. lexi has some exciting events taking place in september. not only is she going to barcelona, she's getting married there! so i would live to encourage you to aide her in funding that trip with a purchase! i do believe that she will do custom orders as well, so if you see the type of thing you'd like, just not exactly as you'd like it, go ahead and hit that handy little "contact" link on her page!