03 April 2009

Some movies you should see!

In theatres now.

Sunshine Cleaning

I thought that I might have built this up too much in my mind before seeing it, and it proved to not be the case at all. The parts that impacted me were not at all the parts that I'd anticipated would from the preview.

On Hulu now!


I've read some things about how skewed this is by only showing the town after Bush moved, but I think it's an interesting story none the less. One aspect of it actually makes me want to teach in a situation that the featured teacher is in.

Before the Music Dies

Fascinating look at the record industry. I'd originally typed "music industry," but then I remembered something that one of the guys in the movie said and corrected myself. This is now 4 years old, and I think that things have changed a little bit more in favor of the artist since then, but I don't really know enough about it to commit to a definite position. There are some points that I would have liked to hear some more about, maybe I'll write up a whole post about it one day.

Below is a clip from the movie that explains just why I would like to teach.


Michelle Brunner said...

Sunshine Cleaning looks really good! I want to see it now..I never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing:)