29 August 2008

Last Day!

Today is my last day of work. I don't actually have anything to do. I'm sure that I could find things if I asked, but I don't actually want to do anything. I'd kind of really like to not be here. I did just find out that I messed something up in the system pretty bad, but I guess it's not something that I can fix. I feel bad, but what I did was in an effort to make things go more smoothly.

The road to hell... right?

I shaved my arms last night and since my arm hair is so light I always forget just how much of it I have. Today I'm dealing with small bumps of irritation, which should be cured with some exfoliation and time, as well as many spots that I seem to have missed. I guess that's what happens when your hair sticks right to your skin when it's wet. I'm not even really sure why I did it. Sure, the blonde hair that I can see bothers me, but I know that it's not something that anyone else notices.

Last night I had every intention of watching Obama's speech, but then I ended up on the phone with a friend I don't talk to often enough and going out to eat with other friends. I have no doubt that it is already online for me to view when I get time this weekend. I'm actually a little more interested in what McCain has to say so I can pull some more concrete reasoning as to why I do not want him as my next president.

Anyone reading this who is not currently registered to vote, please remedy that. Even if you don't agree with me I think the tiny little voice that we have with our ballots is so much bigger than we give it credit for, and we all need to be using it.